The Fighter 2?!

David O. Russell at Relativity Media And The Weinstein Company's 2011 Golden Globe Awards After Party


You heard right!  It looks like director David O. Russell intends to continue the story.  Click after the break to read what he said when he sat down in an interview with MTV News.   

While promoting the DVD release of Oscar-nominated film, The Fighter, director David O. Russell told MTV News that he not only would like to direct the film’s sequel, but also revealed that he would like to pen the script. 

David O. Russell: “I would do it whenever anyone says that they’re ready.  I’m ready to write it.” 

When asked what the story would be for the possible sequel, Russell said the sequel will likely center around Micky Ward’s three fights with Arturo Gatti from 2002 to 2003, stating, “I think Micky’s story has a lot of heart whichever way you cut it…..You’d go towards the Gatti fights and you could go into the history of the family more.”

The Fighter is now available on DVD & Blu-ray.







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