EXCLUSIVE!! Interview with Writer/Director Mark Goffman

Mark Goffman

Reel Film News is proud to give you an exclusive interview with writer/director Mark Goffman as he discusses his upcoming film Dumbstruck.

The art of ventriloquism is a tricky one. On one hand you have to have a strong stand-up comedic performance, and on the other hand you have to be able to work your puppet’s controls making sure that the movement is very fluid.

Writer/Director Mark Goffman is probably best known for his screenwriting work on shows such as The West Wing and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. But not everyone knows that Mark is also a talented director as well.

While observing a toast one day with his wife, he watched someone get up and instead of delivering your typical boring toast, they used their hands like a ventriloquists dummy and brought the house down. It was there he got the idea for this movie.

Not everyone has had the pleasure of going on a cruise. And for those of you that have, know that having a ventriloquist on board is an almost certainty on longer cruises. They provide excellent entertainment and keep you laughing and interested thoughout the performance.

Today I got the chance to speak with Mark over the phone and discussed his upcoming film. Here’s what he had to say:

Please view the trailer below.


Dumbstruck comes out into theaters on April 22, 2011.

For additional information about other cities,¬†you can visit the film’s website at http://www.dumbstruckthemovie.com/.

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