Hillbilly Handfishin’ Season 1, Episode 3 Review (Air Date: 8/21/2011)

Hillbilly Handfishin'

This week’s episode is entitled Come on You Noodling Diva.  And if it’s anything like the past two episodes, it’s bound to be a good one!

In Oklahoma there’s a big drought and the water is going down.  Jackson and Skipper are worried their holes are going to dry up.  Jackson and Skipper go out scouting to see if there are fish in their favorite holes.  They hit Skipper’s favorite and find a good size fish.  They know it’s going to be a good week if they find something.

Joann is on her way in with the next sets of pairs.  Our first pair are a newlywed couple.  They’re Hiliary and Kerry.  He talked Hiliary into coming with him because he’s been dying to come.  He’s a car salesman and she’s an internet car salesman.  Hiliary is terrified.  Next we have Teresa and Tenia.  They’re both from Georgia and they’re great friends.  Tenia is not the best swimmer but Teresa is there for her.  And finally we have brother-in-laws Jimmy and Brad.  The two of them have to outdo each other.  They’ve known each other for 20 years.

When they all get out they’re all “dressed different than they do in Oklahoma.”  They show them their accommodations and the next day they’re up and spraying themselves with bug spray.  Everyone’s a bit nervous, but the excitement is still there.  They head off to Red River.

There’s a hole under the bridge and Brad moves in to try.  The fish is on his foot.  The fish is chomping on his toe.  He drags the fish out and gets one!  He’s a 25 pound blue catfish.  The rest of them all cheer for him.

Now Skipper has to get Jimmy into a big fish or Brad won’t ever let him live it down.  They move 10-15 yards down the river and find another hole.  Jimmy is gung ho about catching a fish.  Jimmy needs to block the hole with his leg.  It’s a little strange that Jimmy hasn’t been bitten but his legs are short and couldn’t get in far enough.  Tenia thinks that Jimmy is being a “wuss”.  But Jimmy is still not able to get him.  And it’s the end of the first day and they’re 50/50 for the day.

The next day the guests get a visit from a scorpion in the shower.  Hiliary is scared.  Joann picks them up and they all give Jimmy a hard time about losing the fish the previous day.  Skipper and Jackson went out scouting and found a fish and have been there for an hour blocking the fish.  It’s Kerry and Hiliary’s turn to try.

The water is very cold.  Kerry’s teeth are chattering.  He’s got his thumb in the fish’s mouth though.  And a fish gets out unfortunately.  Jackson is not happy at all.  He’s having a hard time controlling his anger, but he handles it well.  Day 2 ends with another fish that got away.

Its day 3 and everyone’s ready to go.  Tenia and Teresa come out with “noodling queen” t-shirts.  They’re pretty much willing to go wherever Skipper and Jackson say and they’re not hesitating.  Tenia is blocking the hole like a pro but is having trouble getting the fish to bite her foot.  The fish on the other hand has escape on its mind.  Skipper winds up stringing him and sure enough she gets it.  It’s a 15 pound flathead!

Now it’s Teresa’s turn to try for a fish.  She’s in the perfect hole for her.  There’s only one hole and one exit.  The fish is finning her and sticking her feet.  But she’s tough and sticking it out.  The fish is trying to slip by her but she’s not giving up.  And sure enough she gets him.  It’s an 8 pound mean channel fish.

Apparently Jimmy snores pretty loud.  Everyone heard it and they compare it to the thunder from the previous night.  Now it’s time for Hiliary and Kerry.  She’s got a pretty aggressive fish.  She sticks her foot in and the fish bites down.  Skipper is blocking the hole while Jackson coaches her.  Hiliary is crying now because she’s being bitten.  Kerry is now in the hole trying to get the fish and save his wife.  This fish bites and is mean.  Skipper strings him and he allows Hiliary to pull up a 5 pound channel catfish!

Day 4 and the goal is to get Jimmy a fish.  It’s a secret place that Skipper and Jackson scouted before they take the guests there.  They all are still joking about Jimmy losing the fish the other day.  This hole is so hard, they’re only taking Jimmy and Teresa there.  Jimmy gets on in there and he thinks he’s got him.  Jackson is getting a bit frustrated with him.  The fish is so far up in the hole he can’t reach him.  They’ve been there for a long, long time.  Skipper coaxes the fish toward Jimmy.  Now Jimmy has him by the mouth and Skipper strings him and he does catch him.  It’s a whopping 50 pound flathead!

Everyone’s had a great time.  They’ve all learned a lot about each other.  Even Hiliary says she’d try it again if she had the chance.  Everyone is both proud of themselves as well as everyone else.  Jimmy is still getting picked on but after all, he did get the biggest fish!  So he gets to wear the coyote hat for the night.  Congrats Jimmy!  Bragging rights are always a good thing.

Until next week!

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