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Deep in the backwoods of Kentucky lies the man they call Turtleman. Ernie Brown Jr., the Turtleman is getting a new series on Animal Planet called Call of the Wildman. We’ve got the information about the series and the man you need to know!


Dive deep into the backwoods of wild Kentucky with legendary woodsman Ernie Brown Jr. – aka “Turtleman” – as he takes on some of the most outlandish and outrageous nuisance calls these woods have to offer – including raccoons, skunks, snakes, poisonous spiders and possums. Ernie is a charming animal lover with an unbelievable Bluegrass lifestyle, and for the past three decades, he’s been diving into Kentucky’s murkiest ponds in search of feisty snapping turtles capable of biting through bone. Accompanied by his canine companion Lolly and armed with country wits as sharp as the steel blade he carries, aptly named “Thunder,” Turtleman has the uncanny ability to catch monster snapping turtles with his bare hands and return them into the wild unscathed. Each week, Turtleman receives calls from dozens of businesses and home owners stuck with unwanted and potentially deadly pests. No job is too tough or dangerous for Turtleman, and his years of bonding with wild animals allow him to use his animal instincts to save them. Never traditional but always effective, Turtleman uses pure instinct and his bare hands to go toe-to-claw with some of the most dangerous critters in Kentucky, but it’s always for the animal’s own good. With a “trademark” celebratory yell following each successful capture, Turtleman’s self-taught trapping style allows him to safely reintroduce frisky critters to nature.


Ernie Brown, Jr. (aka Turtleman) – Ernie Brown Jr. (aka Turtleman) has been diving into murky Kentucky ponds in search of snapping turtles for nearly 40 years. Born and raised in Washington County, Kentucky, he spent his childhood exploring the woods and learning the ways of the animals that occupy them. Turtleman caught his first snapping turtle, a 25-pounder, when he was just seven-years-old, after his father and uncle taught him the risky technique. Since then, the legend of Turtleman has spread throughout the Blue Grass state and has afforded Ernie a career as an animal rescuer. At the age of 17, he caught his biggest turtle to date, aptly named the “Loch Ness Turtle,” a monster snapper weighing close to 55 pounds. Ernie catches an average of 300 turtles a year and has been injured 33 times. To date, he reckons he’s caught over 12,000 turtles. Prior to devoting all of his time to rescuing and relocating wildlife, Ernie worked an array of hard-labor jobs, including cutting boards for whiskey and wine barrels, milking cows and working in construction for nine years. He currently lives off the land deep in the backwoods of Kentucky with his loyal canine companion Lolly.

Neil James – Neal James is Ernie’s right-hand man whose long-distance telephone service also qualifies him as Turtleman’s secretary. A bona fide native Kentuckian and expert Banjo player, Neal takes calls from dozens of businesses and home owners each week in need of Ernie’s help. The duo has known each other for years and without Neal, Turtleman wouldn’t be able to assist people with their critter problems. Some might say it was fate that brought Neal and Ernie together, and they’ve been best friends ever since.

Lolly Dog – Lolly has been Turtleman’s faithful four-legged companion for over two years. One cold winter during an ice storm, Ernie found Lolly wandering the streets, distraught and looking for shelter. After three days of trying to catch the mysterious canine, Ernie finally got close enough and invited Lolly to live with him. He didn’t have much but could provide shelter, food and love. Although Lolly’s exact breed isn’t known, Ernie believes she’s a border collie mixed with an Australian cattle dog. Lolly is Ernie’s greatest fan and best friend, even jumping into ponds to help him search for turtles.

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14 thoughts on “Call of the Wildman – Description and Bios”

  1. Dear Ernie,
    I love your show you are a new steve Irwin but instead of being from Australia you are from Kentucky your a Wonderful person to love animals so much. God bless you in the mission He has called you to do. Would love to meet you one day have alot of questions.
    Fellow animal lover
    Ps I go around doing the wildman call and sayin live action

  2. Hey Neal if you see this can you send me an E-mail so I can send Ernie a pic? I think Ernie is so hot, ha ha I mean cool! Seriously .. My E-mail address is , and my name is Sarah. I’m in Ohio.

    Ps. No Fakers, or I’ll No!

  3. Dear Turtle Man love your show i think its the best show on tv. I wish it was on every night of the week. Keep up the good work ye,ye,ye,ye,ye,LIVE ACTION

  4. Just wanted to talk to someone about getting Earnie&Neal to come to the Bubbafest to be guests and sign autographs any info would be great!We are just a short drive down 127s in August 931 248 0333 931 484 6043

  5. Wildman ,
    I am in desperate need to get a hold of you . I would like for you to contact me 502-356-6758 . My daughter is 4 and yu are all she talks about ,please contact me as soon as you can I to live in Kentucky as well and My husband and I are will to travel to meet you so my daughter can meet you
    Thank for your time
    A true fan

    Tamie Arnett

  6. You are a disgrace to men. You dance around like a little faggot. Big man still living with your mommy. That little wimpy tattoo you have looks like something a little girl would have. You make me sick. I watched 1 show and that was 1 too many Grow up and become a man punk.

    1. I normally read these things and move on, however this post deserves a response. First and foremost if there is someone that needs to “grow up”, I would suggest you look in a mirror. I haven’t heard a childish rant like this since I was in fourth grade. The turtle man does not ljve with his mother, just in the same county in Kentucky, but in order to know things like this one would have to take the time to read a person’s bio. The tattoo thing, well they are a personal choice and last time I checked was not subject to a need of approval from bigoted, small minded people, so what’s ok for him is ok with me. I really think you need help my friend…!

  7. Turtleman,I really enjoy you and your show..Being from the south originally (Memphis),I can appreciate what you and your team do..My spouse,however,is a non believer.How can you convince her you are the real action!!Maybe an autographed photo?


  8. I watch your show religiously. Keep up the good work.. A real man if I ever saw one. And as for the people with their negative feedback, number one: you don’t have to watch the show and though everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, keep your b.s comments to yourself…Yi Yi Yi! Live Action!!

  9. I am from Bermuda, and it would be great if you came down here and showed us what you got. We don’t have the standard “critters” that you usually tangle with, though we do have turtles and alligators here, but you will find those at the Aquarium… Would love to meet you, Lolly Dog and Neal… Neal is something else! He may get frightened at times, but he always has your back..

  10. Hi Turtleman:

    Love to meet you in person and absolutely love your show. Wish I would of known when you were at the Cincinnati Reds. Keep up the good work w/Neal and the Turtleman crew. YEYEYEYEYE My husband really enjoys the show also. We live about 50 miles east of Cincinnati, Ohio. We have turtles in our pond that we would like to get rid of. Seems that they outsmart us.

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