2011 Washington DC American Freedom Festival / Daughtry Concert Recap!

One of the greatest things about our nation’s military is that it is a volunteer service. Men and women with honor serve our country to keep our nation safe and the freedom we enjoy around us. Our veterans are distinguished citizens of honor and dedication to our country and the American Freedom Foundation, Inc. was established to honor these men and women of America’s armed forces and raise the awareness for their service and sacrifice. They raise money for organizations that serve and support our veterans, active duty military and their families. And last night at the George Mason University Patriot Center the American Freedom Festival was held to raise funds for the foundation.

The event was anchored by a stellar concert by the multi-platinum band Daughtry and started off the day with a veterans job fair at the Patriot Center in the early afternoon.

This was the first veterans hiring event and was held in conjunction with the American Freedom Festival Washington presented by SKYDEX and CareerBuilder.com. Major companies throughout the Washington DC Metropolitan area were on hand to provide employment for our veterans and allowed them the opportunity to speak directly with employers and even participate in interviews.

Later in the evening the American Freedom Festival was gearing up for a night of events. The night began with Sergeant Major of the Army (retired) Jack Tilley riding on stage on a custom chopper that will be auctioned off at a later date for the American Freedom Foundation. His co-host for the evening’s events was Karri Turner, from the television series JAG. SMA Tilley has an enormous passion and amount of energy for what he does. He truly wants to support our nation’s veterans and that passion resounds loudly on stage. The chemistry on stage between he and Karri was spot on and we were going to have a lot of fun, while dealing with some serious business.

CareerBuilder was on hand to donate $150,000 to the foundation and SKYDEX was also on hand to donate as well. The “Heroes Supporting Heroes Award” was presented to Mike Buchen in recognition to his devoted efforts on behalf of our nation’s veterans.

$25,000 each was given away to the Soldier On and Boulder Crest Retreat for Wounded Warriors. Each worth organization was extremely grateful and honored to be recognized by the foundation.

Performances before the Daughtry concert included a country performance followed by the all-military band Do Not Assume who treated the arena to a handful of songs that included songs from the band Journey. Each performance was quite impressive and the audience loved every minute of it.

After the Daughtry concert it was announced that the American Freedom Foundation to date has raised over $1 million dollars in support of our veterans. It was quite an accomplishment and let’s hope that by next year’s event in Washington DC that there’s another $1 million raised.

Reel Film News was on hand for the event and we have some photos from the event to share with you. For a recap of the Daughtry concert itself, please click here.

Please visit the American Freedom Foundation and donate. You can find out more information about the organization by visiting www.AmericanFreedomFoundation.org

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