American Chopper Live: The Build-Off (12/6) RESULTS!

So last night we saw three master craftsmen battle it out on American Chopper: The Build-Off to see who could build the best chopper.  And tonight we not only get a great live performance by BUSH, but we find out which bike will win.  Will it be Paul Sr. of Orange County Choppers?  Will it be Paul Jr. of Paul Jr. Designs?  Or will it be Jesse James?  Your vote at might be the deciding vote.  So who won?

Scroll down for the winner!!!!!

Live Show Recap:

Hosted by Mike Catherwood, and live from the Hard Rock in Las Vegas, Nevada, the American Chopper Live show has started.  The three competitors ride their bikes in and the crowd goes wild!

First up is a look back at how they got to this point.  Clips are shown from last night’s episode.

Paul Sr. is up first and talks about the bike they built.  Flames are coming out of the rear.  It looks awesome.  But there is some booing in the crowd.  Sr. likes Jesse’s bike and thinks Jr.’s bike is “good” too.

Jesse is up next and Mike asks him what makes the chopper “Jesse James.”  Jesse thinks it’s “just me.”  And every single part he made “by hand.”  Jesse says he decided to get back into bike building because he feels the Teutuls have been building bikes just for TV, and not for someone to ride.  He disses Jr.’s bike and says that Sr.’s isn’t a motorcycle but he would ride it.  Jesse says he hasn’t said one thing he wouldn’t say to the Teutul’s faces.

Paul Jr. is up last and says they have a 30″ wheel front and back, at least 2000 rivets, and copper on the bike.  It’s WWII themed and he’s extremely proud of his team.  He was the last guy to sign on to the build-off.  He says he had some customers lined up but they came to a deal with the Discovery Channel.  Jr. is told that Jesse James feels as though Jr. is not a “bike builder” but Jr. says he has seen better from Jesse.  It was very important to Paul Jr. to bring his whole crew out together and brings them all on stage with the bike.

Mike talks with Michael Teutul and Vinnie.  Vinnie gives a little jab back at Jesse James for his comments.

After the break BUSH performs their hit song “The Sound of Winter.”

Some experts examine the bikes.  Keith Ball from, Kevin Duke, and one of the stars of Sons of Anarchy, Mark Boone Junior look over each of the bikes.  Their votes are as follows:

Mark – Jesse James

Keith – Paul Jr.

Kevin – Paul Jr.

Back from break we’re with Mike talking with Sr. and Jr. about their meltdown.  Sr. says that he hoped that after the lawsuit that things would get better with their relationship.  Jr. says that the settlement didn’t end all of the problems.  He says his biggest problem is “repeat negativity” towards him and his family.  Junior looks at his father and tells him he loves him and they hug.  It’s genuine.  Problems aside, it’s got to be hard for the both of them.

Mike, the host challenges Jr. to not be the “whipping boy” and Jr. responds that it’s about integrity for him.  On the other hand, Jesse has talked a lot of smack and some clips are shown.  Jesse says PJD’s gas tank is only a 3/4 gallon tank.  Jr. says it’s got a full gallon.  Jesse says he didn’t do this just for television, but to ride the bike.  Junior takes the high ground.  Some strong arguments are made though.

It’s time for the announcement of the winner.

In third place:  Paul Teutul Sr. – Orange County Choppers

In second place: Jesse James

And the winner is… Paul Teutul Jr. – Paul Jr. Designs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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83 thoughts on “American Chopper Live: The Build-Off (12/6) RESULTS!”

  1. Paul
    it’s great to see your positive actions that are molded by your belief in God.
    In your influetial position you must stay strong in your faith.
    I thank you for that.
    May god continue to bless you.

  2. you did it the right way , im from texas i was rootin for jessie but the way you handled yourself with all the crap going on , you deserve to win and not only that i think thats your best bike yet cant wait to see the next one congrats.

  3. Paul Jr. not only had the best bike but did it all with class. Sr. is an idiot for not coming out with his son. Blood is suppose to be thicker then Bull S—-. But Sr. did not build a bike, can say what you would call it. But it was not a Bike. Jesse James, well he does build a great Bike, but his mouth overloads his abilities. Should use English when he talks and not the string of Four/Foul mouth wording. If he can’t express himself in the English language with out all the bad grammer, then he should just keep his mouth shut. Great going Jr. I wish you the best in the future. I do hope that you and your Father get it together. I think that you should put out your hand to big Daddy, for without him you would not have come this far.

    1. if it wasnt for jr, sr wouldnt have come this far, jr and discovery made paul sr, sr cant even build a bike, just watch the shows, people like you make the majoity of the dumb population

      1. They both have made each other just as in all our lives its the sum of all experiences that make us who we are and it always takes both sides the good and the bad.

  4. Congrats Jr. it was a piece of art! You and Vinnie and the whole team deserved the WIN! God Bless and Good job!!!
    ps. Mikey and Vinnie for President……….

  5. You are definitely talented with your visions, workmanship and group of guys around you. You and Vinny are great match and fabricators. Keep up the great work!! P.S. The NY Jets bike is one of my favorites; convert will you!

    1. Nonsense. A senior in a half way decent high school shop class could do what Jesse did. A frame in a frame mold. Heated and banged some metal. Then ran out of time with all of his BS. Had to call in a team of six to save his but with a same ol, same ol, hard tail over stretched has been chopper. You drank the Kool-aid, dude. Jesse and his metal to bike bragging turned out to be a bunch of crap, like always. That guy Paulie has building his tanks is fantastic. Nubby is an fantastic artist. Vinnie can read Paulie’s mind. He knows how to fabricate the whole bike and run some of the best equipment in the world designing and cutting his own metal. He’s hard working, very talented, loyal as a dog, and a good father, husband and a gentleman. Jesse James doesn’t belong in the same town as a guy like that. He’s the guy you don’t want your kids anywhere near. Unreal.

    2. Jesse tried to build his bike out of metal by himself with one assistant and he couldn’t do it…he had to have a group of talented people come in and rescue him. He’s the guy with the line of B.S., crude language and profanity. The world has moved beyond Jesse to the Paul Jr.s of the world with class and humility who let their talent do the talking.

    3. Dave do not know what show you were watching but jesse’s bike had just as many of the shelf parts as any one. also Jesse does not have a creative bone in his body. With Jesse it is just the same old thing. Loud mouth valguar language and no talent or vision.

    4. Jesse’s bike ended up as a pile of metal. No vision. Couldn’t even ride the bike safely. Couldn’t see pass the headlight. If the OCC and PJD designed crap like that they would be out of business. Oh, Jesse is out of business!

    5. All bikes are a pile of metal initially. Who cares if you hand shape parts if the final outcome is just another chopper. No creativity. The design is what is important. Using machines to make parts is just being efficient.

  6. Great bike jr, great bike jesse, not sure what to call ur thing sr This was a bike build-off hello cant believe u went there with ur build I think it was because u were afraid to build a real bike against ur son and jesse my vote u be for jr jesse cloooose 2nd

  7. sr should be proud that his son has grown and followed his fathers life. but sr is jealous where he should show pride, great job jr and crew

  8. Senior was scared so he built a real cool toy, Jr. designed a real cool show bike, and Jesse built a bike from frame to frontend to tank and alot inbetween, I’m a actual biker who actually rides a bike so I voted for an actual bike that I would own and actually ride, yes James talks smack and yes senior is an A-hole to his kids and ole my Junior is a self rightous hippocrit talkin my team an acting holy when he was workin for OCC his head swelled and though he was God remember Jesse had built a cool one of a kind bike and he done so with his hands he didnt order the frame or make a shell of a tank Jr won the popular vote of nonbikers who have watched OCC for however long they been on dramatizing the every day person in beleaving that real bike builders behave this way its all for tv folks get real and way to screw up yet again on voting a dramatic appropreately named designer as the winner.

      1. Paul and his team had to design the parts. That shows creativity and innovation. Someone makes their designed parts. Good for them. Anyone who owns a company knows that efficiency is important. Spoke wheels? Really? So 70’s. I’m sure he built every spoke.

    1. “Real Biker”, I find your remarks quite interesting, but as they say “Everyone has an opinion just like everyone has an a–hole.” Thank you again for your very intelligent remarks and the destruction of the English language and grammar. DOC

    2. Real Bike if you want to own a bike just like rthe one Jesse built I know several bike shops were you can get one. The guy has no talent.

    3. Well that’s just jealous bunk too. James claims to have built ever piece from scratch by his own hand. LIAR! He brought in the wheels and motor right from the start. The forks also look pre-fab. The only thing James made with his own hands were the frame, tank and seat pan, and maybe the fenders. Iin the end he built the same old, same old and tried to pass it off as unique. It looked like a million other bikes you see out there including dozens of Jesse’s previous builds. It was uncomfortable to sit on and difficult to drive having to look around the neck and tank top to see where you were going. Poor design. I’d not want to ride it too far, I’d be cramping and having my head clipped off by passing semi’s. No thanks. He should have raked that front end out so the front was lower and put the pegs forward so you could ride comfortably instead of being bunched up into a squat. It was far from the best bike there, and that was really what the competition was all about. Not how you did it, but what you did. Junior has such a creative mind, and can put these machines together out of his thoughts. So he uses a pre fab frame, big deal. Can Jesse put out a completely different work of art each and every time? Probably not. I’m sure he’d be stumped if someone came to him an ask him to make a bike for me I’m into Surfing. He would be lost. Junior would produce a brilliant bike that not only looked good and appealed to his client, but ran and rode like a dream. That would all come from his head and his ingenuity. That is something Senior has obviously lost big time.

      1. Is it only me or has anybody else noticed that this Jesse’s bike only has about a 1.5″ ground clearance when empty. I don’t think it could survive a good pot hole.

    4. Are you serious… Your argument is built around every fallacy in the book. Because Jesse says something does not make it true. He built a bike with stock parts as well. The engine was a stock engine; the springs were stock, etc… Great, Jesse can bend and weld stainless steel. The video clips shown on TV focused on the theme that Jesse is an old school fabricator. However, the parts of the bike he fabricated showed no vision or innovation. It was the same look that made Easy Rider a cult hit. As for PJD, he used all of the modern and old school tools available to him. I am sure if the build was more than 4 weeks Paul’s team could have and would have constructed the frame. I would love to ride PJD’s bike. Yes not much gas in the tank, but one can ride it without having monkey arms and legs. During the clips of Jesse riding his chopper, he couldn’t see over the tank; his legs were scrunched into positions as if he was practicing yoga. He lauded the sound of the exhaust. Great his bike was loud; however, what he did not say was the exhaust he “constructed” could have been purchased from any motorcycle parts warehouse. As a biker rider if your want a plain, shiny, red Harley, then you don’t need to pay Jesse to build it; rather, you could go to any Harley showroom to buy a stock one.

  9. Well deserved for Jr. Jesse didn’t even build a bike, his team had to jump in and finish it since he spent all his time building a frame. Lol, guess this wasn’t a frame building contest Jesse, u ar-tard.

  10. Way to go Paulie, fantastic bike. That thing your father built wasn’t a bike in my mind. You, Vinnie and the boys are the best. I thought Jesses was pretty cool too, but his attitude needs a bit of adjustment. The language he uses is pathetic. Good luck to you and the gang. Keep up the good work.

  11. I guess no one appreciates true skill and craftmanship. Any one can think up a clever design and then outsource all the hard work and fab. Jessie’s keeping a lost art alive.

    1. Hey Chris, I know someone who wants to get rid of a horse buggy. Sorry no horse. Maybe you can get the horse from the same place Jesse bought the motor and the wheels and ….

    1. ….and cheating on your wife disqualifies you to build bad-ass bikes? Oh yeah,where’s the pix of the last bike you built,or did you cheat on your significant other and you no longer have the talent? P-UH-LEASE!!!

  12. Ya, umm, I thought it was a chopper build off? Only ONE chopper was BUILT… one! The voters were caught up in the military theme, now don’t get me wrong Jr.’s bike was neat, but was exactly like Jesse said, mostly decorated…like a cake. Most of the parts were brought back to Jr.’s shop and then assembled on the bike. Jesse built most of the parts on his bike. I’d say EVERYTHING except the motor, tranny, rims, brakes, and clutch and front brake controls. I never even voted because I thought it was going to be a complete James blowout…it still actually was his bike was the clear winner.
    People look down on Jesse because of his publicized personal life. That shit is only his business and shouldn’t have come into play here, but no doubt that it did.
    Jesse was always the best and proved it again that he is STILL THE BEST!!!!!

    1. Was a biker build off. Never saw a show where they claim it was a chopper build off. Maybe I missed it. The word Chopper in the build off name comes from the show name.

  13. Jesse is a very talented builder, nobody is denying that, but the build wasn’t about who could build every part from scratch, it was about who could build the best bike and Jr won. Can’t deny that. It’s funny how after the results people want to ratioanlize and make excuses, but Jr won, deal with it. Jesse talked alot of trash about doing it himself, but he brought in a team to help him finish becasue he was too busy with his classless pranks. Then before the results, Jesse continued his verbal attacks of Jr, wtf. I was proud of Jr for taking the high road and not stooping to Jeese’s level, and you know it’s wasn’t easy being the better man. Sad to see Sr. shoot himself in the foot again with his sons, he just dosn’t seem to get it or be able to learn from his mistakes, so he keeps making them. Congrats Jr.

  14. Jesse and his crew did build a gorgeous chopper but Paulie and Vinnie didn’t do bad either with a theme bike. Yes, I would have rather seen all parties build an actual CHOPPER in the build-off. Paulie and Vinnie AND Paul Sr. and OCC would have turned out a great chopper each to go against Jesse’s gorgeous stainless steel bike. In the end, I’m glad that Jesse LOST because I can only take so much of his filthy mouth and unbelievable arrogance. As a human being, he’s worst than Paul Sr. who comes across as jealous or envious of his own son (who his mature beyond his years). Great show and great ending….reaffirms my belive that God does care about truth and honesty.

  15. Look at the bikes and decide which one you could actually ride? Museum or corporate show peices are not bikes, they’re art. One bike stood out based on the craftsmanship that went into the build and the look and quality of the final product. Yes I say quality. Google search the Paul’s bikes and you’ll see that they are not famous for quality bikes, just drama on TV.

    Go Jesse, CFL!

  16. I ride an actual bike also. If I were going to purchase one of these bikes to ride that would be jr’s. Jesse is more of a conventional chopper. No pile of metal to bike for Jesse though, at least not without a lot of help. Seems like Jesse was a front man for West coast choppers. He did have a talented team though. Jr built his bike. and sr built another dud. Just my thoughts, vote would be for Jr for originality, design and end results. Jesse a far distant second!!!! ans SR well what can you say when you turn up at a bike build with a sled ripoff.

  17. As a bike rider, yes Jesse’s bike was the one that could be actually rode a long distance. That was not the only thing that was asked for. Does Jesse’s build fast bikes again yes. Not the only thing asked for. It was too tall in the front. When he was taking his ride, he was constantly having to look around the side. You would be able to ride Jr’s, not a long distance but you could still ride. To me the very reason I never got into the whole west coast chopper thing was because Jesse is an hyperactive, spoiled, petulant, brat. Yes he did fabrication. He did not build all of the bike by hand. He relied on others to help. He did not do his own paint, etc. He has a trashy mouth and a very narrow veiw of what people want. Jr listens to the customers, he thinks outside the box and the Black widow and Anti-Venom speaks for themselves. I would ride any bike Jr has and count myself lucky for the experience. As for Sr. Grow up, you are losing your children because it is not about being honest and saying what you feel. It is about being honest and tempering it with love. You are rude, arrogant, hateful and just mean. It is like you purposely set out to undermine and hurt your children. That is not what a good parent does. I should know my children talk to me even though I piss them off when I tell them the truth.

  18. I am happy for Paul Jr. and his team on their victory. It was good to see a tuned down Sr.throughout the competition.I was blown away to see the love between father and son on stage.I never / ever want to watch anything, nor will I, that includes Jesse ” Blowhard ” James. His ego, which is larger than all outdoors, I found to be rude, crude, and obnoxious. I hope that Christmas will bring family closer, a time for fogiving…..JRB

  19. Jessie can and has built some unreal bikes, as the copper bike. Very few builders alive could pull that off. However, his attitude, is getting old. His bike was NOT a rider either, he had to look down the side of the gas tank to see the road! Sr, didnt want to build a bike, because he would have lost, so he built a transformer toy!and lost. I would have been embarrassed to drive that thing on stage. Jr did yet another theme bike, same motor he always uses also, but it was done well. I had to vote for him. I am old school too, but had no choice, Jessie could have done alot better. Too small a tank, hardtail, can’t see the road, horrible handling bike. Should have spent more time on the right design, this was a build off!

  20. Jesse, hands down. You have one wannabee spacecraft, one concept bike, nicely done, and one real motorcycle, Jesse’s. There is NO substitute for the old school style, a design that just makes you say WOW! A bike that cranks up with authority, and maintians that gutteral blast only and old school V Twin can deliver. Two cool toys, one very real bike. Jesse is Da Man.

  21. James is a punk A** BI*** and is all talk, guys like him have to act tough because they have never been in a fight ever! That bike looks like any other bike. I can understand a two year old talking better than that Jack A**. Reminds me of Goofy sorry Disney.

    Paul Jr, AWESOME!

  22. The whole thing was set from the beginning for. Jr to win by popularity. Jesse is a true bike builder. Hand done from bottom to top. His bike are wayyy more reliable than jrs or srs. Way to go Jr for building yet another bike that can sit in a window and get pics taken of it by soccer moms and children. Jesse ur the man, keep on building brotha. We know who the real best BUILDER is.

  23. Jesse is an embarrassment to the human race,Sr. is an embarassment to himself and Paul Jr. is a respectable man with a gift and a good team,the only thing he needs is RICK!!!(and he realy doesn’t need Rick but I think Rick belongs there with the “crew”
    GOOD JOB !!! PJD!!!!!

  24. Senior, a real man is not the one with the biggest biceps, most tattoos, and biggest mustache or can write the biggest check. You should recognize that you have disrespected, vilified and hurt your son Paul Junior, when you do that; not only will you be a real man by recognizing your mistakes, but most importantly, a great father.
    Try to open your eyes in your shop, all you have around you is a bunch of yes men and horn blowers (except for Rick, he is a true gentleman) about Jason… he is a good computer guy but not an artist, I don’t think he is all he think he is.
    Congratulations Junior, your integrity speaks volumes, your bikes are awesome and your art is unique.

  25. Like I said before, they the tuttles, have great guys & machines to build & back them up, But the average joe out there cannot afford a Tuttle bike or machine, SR. started the Buisness & Jr. floundered with his new found big deal attitude & had to be taken down a notch, hence the useless Mikey, put in for laughs and rehab. Fat useless & drugs booze, no respect, dosen’t deserve any. cries to much. Be a man & work you Bum? Jesses hard knocks & got caught up in the glitter of hollywood & all, wants to go back to roots. who else Arlin Ness, his son, his son? Give me a break, SR, Jesse, came from same school of hard knocks, with Vinnie & Cody who SR gave a chance & the kid worked. So did Vinnie, But Pul Jr’s attitude same, I come in when I want, eat lunch when I want, go home early, Vinnie stays late and finishes Byke, misses family, Pauly don’t care, even when sr. figures if he takes it out on vinnie Pauly will change. NO. So Vinnie qiuts & Cody. Lighten up ladies, Look at your spoiled rotten 30 year old kids on the couch without a job?

  26. I’m w/Jesse all the way, bad-ass ride bro’!Being somewhat related to him don’t make me biased,but when you wanna ride a real bike,Jesse’s is what a real biker picks,not some glammed up piece like the Teutels(Junior especially) builds.But by the time Jr. wakes up,he’ll already be a has-been.Jr is totally non-original,drawing inspiration from some outside source,and not from the heart and imagination like Jesse does.Big F’n deal that Jesse has had women issues,does that make him less talented or inspired? I DON’T THINK SO SCOOTER!!! Oh by the way,all Jesse’s critics must be bike builders,too,because when you read their posts,it seems they know exactly how its done.Funny thing though,I don’t recall any bike builders names (at least of any talent or credibility) as the authors of the criticisms. ENOUGH SAID–WELCOME BACK JESSE!!!

  27. Sr should make Jason eat Jesse’s cake for coming up with that design. Um, we could put some wheels on it and drive it 70 mph, is what I though Sr said on the live buildoff show….. Without “wheels” it’s just a large mobile soldering iron.

    Jr won because of the large team of people he had working on that piece…….of art. Taking another look at it with Jr riding it, sorta looks like a midget driving a lowered monte carlo with 24″ rims………I’m thinking he built that thing for Shaqile O’Neil. Shit, Jr looks like a 3 year old riding a bike made for an adult on that thing. It was nice I have to admit, but I’d bet dollars to dog nuts he’d still be working on it if he had the same amount of people Jesse’s team had.

    In my mind, and all others that live in reality, Jesse is the winner of the “Chopper” buildoff because he was the only one that built a freaking chopper.

    Had the contest been build something other than a chopper contest, Jessie probably wouln’t have even entered and the two Tuttles could have fought over it like a couple seals over a mackrel.

    At least Jesse is back building bad ass choppers. Pretty freaking awesome for someone who has not built one in years!

  28. I don’t know how any of you are saying Jesse’s bike was the only one built without parts being made for it. His wheels, engine and tranny were all built by someone else, same as PJD! All fabrication on Jrs. bike was done in shop. I do agree that Sr didn’t have a bike, it was a snowmobile with a hot cocoa heater.
    LOL And most of that contraption was built by someone else. Only the sheet metal was done in shop.

  29. Are some of you people completely nuts. How can you even compare the two bikes. Give me a frame and a ordering catalog and I could of put together jesse James bike in my shop. He bent a frame together and used his one size fits all gas tank mold Big freaking deal. The two real motorcycle experts voted on jrs bike. Some of you idiots have about the same iq as Jesse James. Loser attitude aside his bike got completely outclassed here. And has no business being compared to any of jrs bikes. Oh and bye the way I’m a bike rider and built a couple too myself.

  30. They need to be more specific when it comes to the buildoff.

    Jesse being out of the game then asked to be in a show being called the “American chopper build off”, he built a chopper.

    The Teutul’s on the other hand have been building theme bikes and other artful bikes some of which most true chopper riders wouldn’t be seen dead on. They make bikes for the masses and clients that prefer pretty over functionality. Lets see Jr. ride that motorcycle across country without a support team! There are areas where there are no gas stations for more than 100 miles. less than half way through a this distance, he and his team would have to load up the bike and tote his ass to the next gas station. Is that really freedom?

    Riding a chopper is ALL about freedom, not team support with a trailer and a nice warm truck on a cold day.

    I can’t imagine a true rider that asks their buddies to follow them in a trailered truck for when they run out of gas, where the conversation does not end in “Hey, did you just trade in your testicles for a vagina?”

    1. I’m perfectly sure jr would be happy to make you a larger capacity tank if you wanted to go longer distances. How much capacity do you really think jesses bike has. Not much more. You try holding your hands up that high for 30 min and looking over the side of the bike to see where your going. I think I would rather be on jrs bike.

      1. At least Jesse says what’s on his mind. It’s not eloquent by any stretch of the imagination, and definately not intended for children. He calls it like he sees it and does not pull any punches, and that is what all the Jesse fans love about him. So what if he says things to piss people off, that’s what he is and that’s what he does. What? you’ve never in your life said anything to piss anyone off? C’mon, he’s the freaking bad boy of bike building, get over it.

        Jr. although very tallented in his own respect as of late is begining to sound like a whiney little beauty pagent contestant. Thank you all my people and most of all you the audience, we coulnt’ have done it without you and all your support. Freaking pleaaaaaase, advertising and plugs for his part of the American Chopper show is all that hot air is about. Talk about a brown noser, like Pinochio, it’s only getting deeper.

        Bikers are supposed to be bad asses. Wha’t Jr going to do next, try and convert all the bikers around the world to accessorise with Chihuahua’s stuffed in their front pockets?

  31. Final numbers are no where to be found. This is a popularity contest that was set up for Paul Jr to win from the beginning. Funny no mention of the 1 Gallon gas tank on Junior’s bike until it was to late to affect the vote. Part of the rules should have been that they had to ride the bikes to Vegas like the “Biker Build-offs” used to be. But Junior makes money for The Discovery Channel.

    1. The guys a douche bag and is going to die broke. Nobody wants him. I live in Texas and have a couple friends that ran into him and they said he was the biggest asshole to them. He was good in a time that custom bikes didn’t need much to be custom. But he cannot compete now. Sorry

  32. I think that discovery chanel should make bike builders from across the nation compete. Like their show states American Chopper, the show is not called OCC and Paul Jr buildoff. Like this last contest, have it a three way.

    The number one builder from a new contest should take on 2 new competitiors the next build and so on to showcase builders from around the nation.

    This show is just becoming a plug for OCC and Paul Jr Designs.

    Get some new bike builders in there and mix it up a bit, I’m sure Sr, Jr and Jesse are not the only bike builders in the nation.

  33. I Got your numbers right here:


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    ## ### ### ##
    # ## # # ## #
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    ###### #
    # # #
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    # ## #
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    # #


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    # # # #
    # # ## ## # #
    # ## ## ## #
    # ## ## ## #
    # ## ## ## #
    # ## ## ## #
    # ######## #
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    # ### #
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    # #


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    # ## # # #
    # ## # # #
    # ## # ## # #
    # ## ## ## #
    # ## ## ## #
    # ## ## ## #
    # ## ## ## #
    # ######## #
    ### # #
    # ### #
    # ### #
    ## ## #
    # #
    # #

  34. Jesse James did not start with a pile of metal and fabricate the whole bike. The pipe was already made. He just bent and welded it. He did not fabricate the engine or the transmission or the brakes or the cables and hand controls or the wheels. He found out that all that time and effort being put into the frame was leaving no time for the rest of the bike. He now had to eat his words on doing it all himself and ask for help because he was ensing up with nothing but the frame and the engine as Jesse himself acknowledged Oops. And did he shoot the paint for the bike?? Anybody remember the earlier American Chopper shows? They built frames all the time.
    Good job Paul Jr. Excellent bike. You have again demonstrated the creative genius in yourself and in those who work with you.

    1. Uh…..He did in fact make the hand controls………and risers and a springer frontend and brake caliper and handlebars and mirror and…………..

      1. Jesse made a poopie in his diaper all by himself. I have never seen such a worthless crybaby. He didn’t even stop talking shit after he lost. I was really happy to see Jr. win, not only because he put so much effort into the bike but because he didn’t try to claim all the glory for himself. He has a hundred times more class than either of the other two.

  35. I just want to see the final score. What is Discovery Channel hiding. Maybe there was not a vote, just DC picjking a winner, they can now punlish what they want. Should be posted as the show went on. I guess anything can be fudged to show what score you want.

  36. Jesse built a theme bike too , remember he said it was a frisco bike, ride on the hills you can only see below the bars going up, thats why the tank is at a large angle to get the gas to the petcock.. Sr. said his was a Mad Max theme,, more like a quik rip off of Gears of War bike,,needed more design inovation…PJD an crew deserved the win,,, but I believe Jesse wanted to get them together,, an in his own way as messed up as he is ,, it was the winning factor for the fans to see them face to face and say that they loved each other ,,winners all around…

  37. Junior clearly won this contest hands down…That bike was awesome…He is a great designer…his idea’s are what made OCC.
    I eventually see Senior’s business closing or being sold off.

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