Exclusive: Kappstone Media Lifestyle Symposium Preview

(left to right) Darryl Barnes (Men Aiming Higher), Ms. Bentou Diomande (United Aid for Africa), Lieutenant Colonel Thomas M. Fife (U.S. Army), Dr. Jamal Bryant (Empowerment Temple)


On Monday night, Reel Film News had the opportunity to check out the highly-anticipated preview to the 1st Annual Kappstone Media Lifestyle Symposium happening later this year.  Check out what went down…

 Before we do that though, you’re probably asking yourself what is this “Lifestyle Symposium?”  Well, Kappstone Media, an elite marketing and branding company located here in our nations capitol, will be doing a 3-day event at the Gaylord National Resort & Convenion Center, consisting of educational, informational, and motivational workshops coupled with diverse musical  programs to commemorate  the rich cultural diversity of Prince George’s County.  Applying the themes of EDUCATION, EMPOWERMENT, & RESTORATION, the goal of the event is to help re-establish the value of maintaining a collective and responsible community while exploring creative ideas and providing educational, mental and professional development vital to the success of future generations.

Though this event won’t commence until August 16, Kappstone Media took the opportunity Monday night to tease some of the festivities in a lavish celebration at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center’s very own Exhibit Hall E.  At the preview event, RFN was able to catch up with some of the guests who will headline the August event, including Mr. Darryl Barnes (Men Aiming Higher).  Here is what he had to say:


RFN's Brandon Troy & Mr. Darryl Barnes of "Men Aiming Higher"

 RFN:  What is it like to be apart of an event like this that’s geared toward people in the black community, and what does it mean to you? 

Darryl Barnes:  You know, for me, it’s real exciting.  It’s an opportunity for Black America.  It’s an opportunity for young people to see positive role models in black men and black women, and be able to take that back into their communities and emulate those kinds of people.  You know?  So this whole setting of people dressed up looking nice…

RFN:  Right…

Darryl Barnes:  You know it’s a wonderful feeling.  You feel safe, you feel warm…Umm, the environment is nice…This is what we should be doing everyday and not just once a week.



Ian Robinson of "JRW Social Media" & RFN's Brandon Troy

 RFN:  What do you think of Kappstone Media putting together an event like this? 

IR:  It’s awesome! It’s awesome!  You know, the founder of Kappstone Media, Willie Young, has an extensive background in media and music, and for him to reach out to us and bring us in and ask us to be apart of this (looking around the space) we were estatic!  I remember the meeting when were sitting at the table, and we were getting chills as he (Willie) was telling us everything that he was doing and we were like we WANT to be apart that, we WANT to be a partner…So I’m happy it all worked out.

RFN:  That’s what’s up, that’s what’s up…So what do you think of this event today and having everyone dressed to the nines?  I mean, it’s pretty wild…

IR:  Hey man, look, black is beautiful, and it’s more beautiful when we dress up and everybody comes out…(smiling)  The ladies are lovely…

RFN:  (laughs) 

IR:  ..Fine as ever…And it’s for a good cause? Man, I mean, for us (the black community) and where we’re at and how negatively we’re portrayed?

RFN:  Right..

IR:  We don’t see this, the positive stuff…and I just think this is just great.

RFN:  So do you think this event will encourage other organizations to put together functions like this for the black community?

IR:  I hope it doesn’t take that much, but…

RFN:  Right..

IR: …if it does, I’m glad we’re here to do it.  You know what I mean?  So yeah, whatever it takes…




(left to right) Ms. Bentou Diomande (United Aid for Africa), Willie Young (Kappstone Media), Lieutenant Colonel Thomas M. Fife (U.S. Army), Dr. Jamal Bryant (Empowerment Temple), Jay Walker (Maryland State Delegate), Keana Forbes (Kappstone Media)

Look for the 1st Annual Kappstone Media Lifestyle Symposium to officially kick off at the Gaylord National Resort & Conventon Center on August 16-19, 2012. 








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