Hillbilly Handfishin’ Season 2 Episode Descriptions

Hillbilly Handfishin’ Season 2 is approaching and we’ve got the episode descriptions that you’re looking for.  Things have changed up a bit this year with the contestants being split up into teams for competition.

Episode Descriptions

Episode 201 – “Preachin’ to the Catfish” Premieres Sunday, July 29, at 8 PM ET/PT

Handfishin’ pros Skipper Bivins and Trent Jackson are back for a brand-new season of noodling action, and this summer, they’re amping up the fish stories by setting up a good-ole’-fashioned Oklahoma noodling competition. The first round of newbie noodlers aren’t scared to get bit!

Chuck and his mother-in-law, Marijane, come from Monmouth, Iowa, a town of only 120 people. Don’t be fooled by Marijane’s age as both she and Chuck agree that she is going to the first one to stick a hand inside a catfish’s mouth!

Always daring each other to do something dangerous, Dusty and Dena are beautiful, bad-ass hunters from a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio.

Tim and Tom are Morristown, New Jersey mega-church pastors who are known for their large voices and abundance of energy. They are ready to call on the almighty power to catch the biggest fish! Tom bets that that Tim is going to be the first between them to get bit, but if Tom’s wrong, he must clean the church bathrooms for a month!

Episode 202 – “Mud-luvin’ Ballroom Dancers” Premieres Sunday, August 5, at 8 PM ET/PT

Handfishin’ pros Skipper and Jackson greet another group of noodling newbies at Big Fish Adventures. From rain clouds to creepy crawlers, this group of city slickers battle more than just catfish in the Okie waters.

Skipper pulls a prank on Dave, a tough cop from Pittsburgh who can’t seem to shake his fear of spiders, while his law-enforcement partner, Matt, keeps an eye on the competition.

Cocktail waitresses Brenda and Elizabeth apply a Reno, Nevada approach to Okie noodling and take on catfish… shaken’, not stirred.

Proving it takes two to tango “hillbilly style” when it comes to handfishin’, Ballroom dancers Mike and Alex, of Livingston, New Jersey, by way of Russia and Ukraine, adapt to the countryside.

Episode 203 – “Beauty and the Geeks” Premieres Sunday, August 19, at 8 PM ET/PT

A new round of city slickers arrive in Oklahoma, where noodling pros Skipper and Jackson witness some real handfishin’ magic between the beauties and the geeks.

It’s revenge of the nerds as Skipper challenges the dragon-fighting Minneapolis duo, Drew and Ken, to be team captains.

Beauty queens Lissette and Michelle, of Miami, prove all that glitters is not gold, especially when it comes to handfishin’.

Jersey boys Phil and Bob, from Atlantic City, surprise Skipper and Jackson with a reason to celebrate…fist pumps included.

Episode 204 – “Jersey Shore Noodlers” Premieres Sunday, August 26, at 8 PM ET/PT

Who’s afraid of the big bad fish? Handfishin’ pros Skipper and Jackson sure ain’t! This week’s round of noodling newbies proves that looks can be deceiving as they wrestle through some of the muddiest waters on this side of the Mason-Dixon Line.

Hoping their charms can coax the catfish from their holes, car salesmen Paul and Mark, from Tulsa, Oklahoma, talk big game. And, Krystyna and Connie, from Jersey Shore, New Jersey, ditch the hairspray as they comb through the muddy Oklahoma waters.

Skipper splits Ed and Daniel, of Los Angeles, into team captains, but only one team brings it home to Papa… and this Okie catfish is worth the battle.

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