THEATER RECAP – DreamWorks’ How to Train Your Dragon

This weekend at the Verizon Center, DreamWorks’ How to Train Your Dragon is taking place right here in DC!  And Reel Film News was thrilled to be on hand opening night along with thousands of families to see the nights spectacular first hand.

The spectacular is based on the 2010 film, How to Train Your Dragon.  The movie features a young Viking teenager named Hiccup who wants to become a fellow Viking by slaying a dragon.  But ultimately, instead of slaying a dragon he manages to capture a rare dragon known as a Night Fury and befriends it.  And he names it Toothless.  He and Toothless become friends and he learns that dragons are not the enemies that the Vikings believe them to be but are really more misunderstood than anything else.  He still enlists in dragon slaying 101 to prove himself to his father but secretly continues his friendship with Toothless.

I have to say that the stage presentation for DreamWorks’ How to Train Your Dragon was truly amazing.  Half of the Verizon Center was transformed into a projection wall that allowed for the entire town of Berk, the Viking town, to be projected on screen to make you feel you were there.  Other times it was presented as a forest or skyline.

The arena floor was where all the real action took place and where the actors came out along with the impressive and beautiful dragons that were built especially for the spectacular.  The dragons look incredibly lifelike and real and you forget that they are machines and operated by computers.  The truly become one of the actors on the stage.

My one issue was the sound itself.  The speakers were placed up high in the rafters and the dialogue was at times hard to hear.  The soundtrack itself was wonderfully done though.

All of your favorite dragons that were in the film, including Toothless, Gronckle, Nightmare, and Nadder are in the show and if you’ve brought your cameras, be prepared to get some amazing pictures of the performance.

This is a performance that truly brings you into the movie and makes you feel a part of the show.  It allows children of all ages to experience a truly remarkable movie and feel as though you’ve been whisked away into a faraway land where dragons walk and fly.

The Live Spectacular is playing at the Verizon Center until July 22nd so please go out and get your tickets this weekend.  And if you’re not in the DC area, check out for a city near you!

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