C2E2 2015 EXCLUSIVE: Diego Gonzalez Talks AIRBRUSH MONSTERS & Airbrushing Art

Diego Gonzalez
Diego with all of his airbrushing artwork at C2E2 2015.

Upon concluding my time at C2E2, there were quite a few sites to be had; particularly, on the show floor, where attendees could not only check out the various special guests of television and film, but also those artists from the world of comics.  However, in addition to all these great features just mentioned, the expo played host to a number of other artists as well that blurred the line between each of these said categories.  One such example would be artist Diego Gonzalez.

As owner of the airbrushing company known as Airbrush Monsters, Gonzalez has made a splash with his artwork featured on skateboard decks, hats, shoes, and shirts.  With that said, I was able to catch up with the artist to ask about his C2E2 experience as well as his destinations post-C2E2.  Check out the interview below…
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AxIkuQctbbw]
Edited by Brandon Troy
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