2015 GI Film Fest EXCLUSIVE: GI Choice Awards Red Carpet


As with any film festival, there are only so many selections which can be considered “the best” of what a festival has to offer.  However, considering the quality of films featured at this year’s GI Film Festival, that predicament was magnified.  In fact, in one situation (see tweet below) an award category resulted in a tie.  With all of that said, there were numerous guests on the Awards Show’s Red Carpet to not only discuss their respective films but also to express their thoughts on the festival itself. 

Red Carpet Highlights
-(Cut to 00:06) Nick Jones Jr. 
-(Cut to 01:46) Jamie Kaler
-(Cut to 03:25) R. Lee Ermey
-(Cut to 07:39) Steven Luke & Andre Relis

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zZKE5AW6KE]
Conducted & Edited by Brandon Troy

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