Otakon 2015 Part 3: The Photoshoots


Cos 23

Costume role-playing or Cosplay is the unannounced sideshow at any fan convention. Whether it’s store-bought or handmade, it’s important to show up as your favourite character. With comic books at a high in the mainstream consciousness, cosplaying maybe¬†more popular now than ever before. Unfortunately, Otakon doesn’t feature a costume contest, but there were many photo shoots scattered around the convention space. The following are some of the best of cosplay from Otakon 2015.¬†

Groot?cos 16 cos 17 cos 18 cos 19

cos 20

Cos 25Cos 26Cos 27Cos 1 Cos 2 Cos 3 cos 4cos 12 cos 10 cos 11 cos 8 cos 9 SONY DSC cos 5 cos 6 SONY DSC cos 7 cos 13 cos 20 cos 21 cos 14

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