Movie Review – The 5th Wave

the others

In an instant, The Others appeared. Their origin, motives, even their appearance remains a mystery. The world watch the lone spaceship circumnavigate the planet, only to hover over a suburban Ohio town. A high school Junior and otherwise pretty average kid Cassie Sullivan (Chloë Moretz), survival meant gym class. As the story starts in medias res, Cassie now survives with a scavenged M4 rifle, a few bottles of water and protein bars from abandoned gas stations. The remnants of her humanity remain in her diary, as Cassie faces danger at every turn. 


Another entry in the Cute Kids battle The Apocalypse genre; The 5th Wave is a series of attacks on Earth from Aliens above. Know as The Others, the unseen aliens start their systematic colonization of the Earth with an EMP pulse that sends Cassie’s suburban Ohio existence back to the 1800’s. Then the tsunamis came in the second wave, followed by a supercharged avian flu as the 3rd. The remnants of America find refuge in a few camps, where the Army (in working vehicles) separate the kids from adults. The Adults are killed in the 4th wave and the remaining children are trained to be soldiers. Their mission: hunt down the Others, who now can take a human host, controlling them. America’s future, the children are the 5th (and possibly final) wave.


I had hopes for The 5th Wave. Not high hopes, but hopes that it wouldn’t absolutely suck. I was let down. In theory, The 5th Wave is unique enough to stand alone in the ever crowded teen-pocalypse category. But, after a lengthy prologue describing the first 3 waves; the film sputters and dies. A soupy mess of teenage angst sprinkled scenes of the underused Maria Bello and Liev Schreiber, The 5th Wave takes too long to get going. Generally, we need more female heroines. Chloe Moretz in the Kick Ass series has the acting chops to carry a film; if given a competent story. However, the source material is so poorly adapted, nobody could’ve saved this film from being a bloated mess of a film. 


Verdict: D

Rated: PG-13 @ 112 mins

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