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After a recent breakup, Rell (Jordan Peele) is down in the dumps, wallowing in his own misery and Cheetos. Aimlessly stumbling through life without any direction, things are seemingly looking up when a stray kitten scratches at his door. The furry ball of cuteness was named Keanu and Rell and kitty lived happily ever after…for a few days until burglars ransacked his home, taking Keanu as well. Determined to find Keanu, Rell and his suburbanite cousin and super George Michael fan, Clarence (Keegan-Michael Key) will stop at nothing to find the precious pet.

As seen in the trailers, Keanu is taken by the 17th St Blips, a notorious street gang that hangs out around 17th street. (Get it?) The duo must infiltrate the Blips, reclaim Keanu and get out before being discovered or worse. If you’re willing to suspend disbelief and accept that someone will go to these great lengths for their new found pet, then Keanu will be easier to watch. One moviegoer at my screening made it unnecessarily loud and clear that they wouldn’t go through so much trouble. Understandable, but considering the premise of the film, just go with it. Personally, I’m a bit tired of the films that will place two conflicting stereotypes in the same space for laughs.

As the duo travel deeper down the gangland rabbit hole, Keanu as a film has a few highs, but a lot of lows. Key and Peele bring their brand of humor to the big screen, without missing a comedic beat. However, the film drags on a bit too long, as it feels like a very long sketch, stretch to its breaking point. Key and Peele still have the same chemistry found in their Mad TV days, but chemistry alone doesn’t equate to a 2 hour long film. I would consider Keanu disappointing more than anything. There are laughs to be had; but as a fan of Key and Peele I was hoping for a bigger effort from the two. 

Verdict: C+

Rated: R @ 98 mins

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