Review – Independence Day Resurgence


It’s been 20 years to the week since Will Smith and the remnants of the USAF battled aliens looking to harvest America (and I GUESS the rest of the world). 20 years since Bill Pullman as President Whitmore delivered one of the greatest presidential addresses in the history of the position (real or fictional). 20 years ago, a failed astronaut, a cable repairman and a drunken crop duster pilot, worked together to save mankind.

If Jaws(1975) was the original Summer blockbuster, then Independence Day (1996) pushed summer blockbuster envelope to greater computer generated heights. Unfortunately, Resurgence spends too much time trying to rekindle the magic of the first film. Expectantly flashy and filled with great effects, typical of a Roland Emmerich film, Resurgence is filled with young, fresh faces that have the personality of a turkey sandwich. I could nit pick at Resurgence, raising many questions about the science of the film, but it’s not like NASA backed the film. Nobody should be watching Resurgence for its authentic approach toward science.

However, there were some truly head scratching moments. The aliens look to harvest the Earth’s core for…um…reasons. While they’re drilling into the Earth’s crust somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean an errant fishing boat is in the area and agrees to monitor the alien ship, reporting the findings to the US Military. When the drilling commences, the boat still remains, unharmed in the vicinity. Wouldn’t the displacement of the ocean cause a tidal wave or a whirlpool as the whole to the center of the Earth is created, presumably killing the fishing boat’s crew?

One of the opening scenes of the film is of Washington DC (My hometown) and the presidential address on the steps of the newly rebuilt US Capitol building. There are numerous shots of DC and the national mall, but what are those all glass skyscrapers in the background? DC has a height limit on its buildings and a cluster of distant skyscrapers isn’t likely.

Overall, you know what you’re in for with Resurgence. The slick visuals should keep your interest, but the lazy storytelling and forced nostalgia isn’t worth the two decade wait for the film.

Verdict: D+

Rated: PG-13 @ 120 mins

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