2016 Awesome Con EXCLUSIVE: Joe Harris Talks Writing Comics vs. Film

joe harris_awesome conDespite being distinctly disparate forms of media, we live in a day and age where comics and film are more closely associated together than ever (thanks largely to the various film adaptations that are now out there).  With that in mind, I caught up with prolific writer, Joe Harris, at Awesome Con, to discuss this current landscape of comics and film that we, as fans, live in.  As someone who has written in both comics and film, Harris provides a unique perspective on how film has evolved; particularly, those inspired by comics.  In addition, he also sheds light on some of his future projects as well.  You can check out the interview below…

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aVQw1Gz6tys]
Edited by Brandon Troy
Camera Work by Jerome Bourgeois


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