Movie Review – The BFG


The young, orphaned Sophie (Ruby Barnhill) is an insomniac. Usually up late reading, Sophie’s normally quiet night was disturbed by a presence. Unbeknownst to Sophie, that presence was that of a Giant. Plucked from her bed by the Giant, Sophie is held captive in the Giant’s lair somewhere in Giant Country. Giants have a long standing reputation of being large and dumb, but also cannibals; however, Sophie’s captor Runt, as he’s called teasingly by his bigger, meaner, man eating brothers is fairly friendly. A vegetarian, Runt protects Sophie from the others, since his diet doesn’t consist of cooked humans. Runt even brings Sophie along when he is capturing dreams for his collection. The two become fast friends, but the longer Sophie stays with Runt, a Big Friendly Giant, Sophie’s life is in grave danger.

I’m not sure if there is a ‘Horror’ sub genre of Children’s Books. If it exists, then The BFG fits the description. At  its core, The BFG is about a little girl and her new giant friend, who’s protecting the girl from his cannibalistic brothers. There’s little to suggest all’s well that ends well for our protagonists, but it all felt a bit boring to me. The film does have some highlights, especially with the CG BFG and Mark Rylance’s performance. One of the better performances of the year, Rylance was terrific bringing the BFG to life while Sophie on the other hand was fairly annoying. Her incessant nagging after befriending the BFG grew tiresome very early on.

 Faithful fans of the book will find an accurate representation of the BFG, however I felt the BFG movie started off well, but ultimately slowed to a grueling pace that made the near 2 hour run time feel like a month. 


Verdict: C

Rated: PG @ 117 mins

Note in 3D where available

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