2016 Awesome Con EXCLUSIVE: Tony Call & John Drenner Jr. Talks A HAUNTING


In addition to the special guests at this year’s Awesome Con, I was also afforded the opportunity to sit down and chat with the folks from the hit Destination America series, A Haunting.  Seeing that the series presents tales of real-life families terrorized by paranormal forces, I decided to pick the brains of host, Tony Call, and deliverance minister/ paranormal investigator, John Drenner Jr., to see if the paranormal elements featured in pop culture (i.e. tv, movies, etc.) stack up to “real thing.” Find their answer in the interview below… 

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sr-MeaPVsUs]
Edited by Brandon Troy
Camera Work by Jerome Bourgeois

A Haunting debuts its new season on Destination America this Fall.

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