Movie Review – Suicide Squad


A shadowy arm of the government want to be proactive against threats against the land. Realizing the futility of conventional means against these threats, the agency uses an unconventional weapon. The baddest of the bad, worst of the worst criminals ever would fight (begrudgingly) against those that threaten our existence. Set to a trippy set list of memorable songs that act almost as a commentator throughout the film, surely this will be the experience that shapes your summer. Unfortunately for Warner Brothers and DC Comics, 2014 happened and Guardians of the Galaxy was released to positive reviews. With two lackluster entrants for the DC Extended Universe preceding Suicide Squad, the WB and DC needs this film to do well. At this moment Suicide Squad has a 27% positive rating on aggregate review site Rotten; which was down from 31% 12 hours ago.  Despite the vitriol for Suicide Squad, the battle at the box office is ultimately decided by the value of your movie ticket. It’s not that Suicide Squad isn’t worth seeing but, with ticket prices steadily increasing and the added costs of 3D and IMAX (also in 3D); how much is it worth seeing to you?

The DC Extended Universe (DCEU) of films have always felt like a shoddily piecemeal response to the billion dollar behemoth that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Throughout the history of the two comic giants, stories are going to parallel at times. That’s ok if done well, but Suicide Squad isn’t done well. Hampered by a muddied story with lifeless, one-dimensional characters, Suicide Squad would’ve been a complete bore if it weren’t for the scene stealing antics of viola Davis and Margo Robbie. Much like Gal Gadot’s theft of Batman vs Superman from earlier this year, Robbie as Harley Quinn and Davis Director Amanda Waller are one of the few bright spots of a very dull film. 


Part of the problem, plaguing the DCEU is the billion dollar elephant in the room that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is so wildly successful. Though I prefer Marvel’s brand of superheroes to DC Comics, the DCEU has failed to capture the essence of what made these characters originally great. DC and Warner Brothers are committed to the DCEU, but after another drubbing by critics, how long will fans support the franchise? How long until the WB and DC goes back to the drawing board? Even with a 27% positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes, Suicide Squad is a step in the right direction. Ironically, it’s a fitting name for the producers of the DCEU. As the battle for summer box office supremacy rages on the WB are  still waiting for a hit. Based on her performance in Batman vs Superman, Wonder Woman looks to lead the way , starting in June 2017. 

Verdict: $10 (‘C’ grade) Suicide Squad isn’t a terrible movie, however, the bad far outweighs the good making it unreasonable to pay more than $10. That is, unless you need to see it in an upscale setting. 

Rated: PG-13 @ 123 mins. 

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