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  1. Yeah all I want say is that Jesse James can’t build a bike close to PJD, He talks alot of bullshit, all of his bikes look the same and are way over priced! Jesse talks like if hes the only one who builds bikes from scratch, PJD builds all of there bikes from scratch! Paul Jr is the best bike builder out there. He always builds bikes that are new and different. Jesse is so full of it that he didn’t even realize the best thing in his life was Sandra Bullock, and he messed that all up!

  2. It’s sad that this was based on popularity. Everyone that follows the drama part of the show hates Sr. because of how he treated Jr. , everyone feels sorry for Jr. because of what happened and people get pissed at Jesse because he does not care what he says. Truth be told all three built some nice machines. Sr. did not build a bike, those oversize wheels on Junior’s remind me of people that put 22’s on classic cars and think it looks good. Jesse hands down built the best bike. All hand crafted the old fashioned way and something you can ride everyday. Being a fab guy myself I have a lot of respect for Jr. and the work he does, he’s a genius, but the majority of his bikes are for display purpose only, not a real chopper.

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