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Bill Ayres

BILL AYRES – Owner/Editor/Entertainment Reporter

I’ve been a fan of television and film since I can remember.  I love the fact that good entertainment can make you forget about the world around you and bring you completely into the story being told.  Good entertainment is out there, but unless you’re willing to open your mind and try different things, you might very well be missing it entirely.

I currently am the owner and editor of Reel Film News.  I established the site because I wanted to pass on my entertainment experience to those who appreciate the same things I do.  I enjoy reporting and interviewing any and everyone out there.  There’s always a story to be told and I find everyone extremely interesting.  Their stories should be told and I enjoy giving them the opportunities to.

I sincerely hope that we can bring you the best in entertainment news and as many exclusives as possible.  Keep watching TV and Film and all other entertainment.  We’re going to keep covering it!

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BRANDON TROY – Entertainment Informant

Well folks, where to begin? The media of film is, without a doubt, quite special to me. I appreciate all aspects of its process: from the pre-production phase, which includes hiring of the director and the casting process, to the debut of the film’s trailer, and of course, the film itself. To give you an idea how strongly I feel about movies, (back in the day) it wasn’t unusual for me to pay to regularly see three different films consecutively within one day (mine you, at the time, the price of movies were almost half the price of what they cost now, but I digress…). Therefore among my family, I was (and still am) the guy my friends and relatives go to to access what films to see and which ones to skip. Growing up, film functioned as: an escape when having a bad day, an activity to share with friends and family, and also as an ice breaker when talking to total strangers. LOL…And while that is still true to some degree today, when not investing time in my passion for movies, you can be sure to find me engaging in my other favorite pasttimes: playing videogames or playing pick-up games of basketball. So, I suppose, that’s my spiel. Otherwise, keep it locked here on Reel Film News, for new movie info, reviews, and trailers! And also, feel free to comment on our posts if you are so inclined! Cheers!


JAHMAL K. HARRELL – Entertainment Reporter

It all started with Transformers. No, not the Michael Bay’s very loose interpretation; but the original 1986 film starring Orson Welles, Judd Nelson and Peter Cullen. The Foundry Theater in Georgetown, Washington, DC was a discount theater, where all shows at all times were $2. Situated in the basement of an office building, The Foundry had all of the creature comforts for all manner of creatures. Not the cleanest or well lit, but The Foundry had charm. It was the site of my first moviegoing experience.

It was a fond one, which started a lifetime of overpriced popcorn munching.
My favorite theater is the CineBistro in the Hyde Park section of Tampa, Florida. Try the grilled chicken BLT. But, no matter the wine list; we all go to the movies to be entertained. I like action, historical dramas and comedies most. ‘Airplane’ (1980) is my favorite film of all time. But, ‘Sodom and Gomorrah’ (1962), ‘The Patriot’ (2000) and ‘Apollo 13’ (1995) are other films that I can’t turn off when it’s on tv.
More than the movie, I enjoy the post-film conversations. Movies are a polarizing subject. Many different perspectives shape our in theater experiences. I particularly like the reactions to film across different countries. Why are some movies are banned in one place but not another? Why are foreign film subtitles dumbed down for western audiences?  It’s all apart of the idea that movies aren’t just waves of colors and explosions; but snapshots of humanity.
Unless you’re watching a Michael Bay or Roland Emmerich film.


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