Movie Review – The Choice


Life is but an unending series of choices. Some are more important than others and some are absolute no-brainers. For Travis Shaw (Benjamin Walker) he’ll have to make the most important choice of his life. It will impact his life and those around him forever. There’s neither a right nor wrong answer to his dilemma, only the best case scenario; but more on that later. The story starts off with Gabby Holland (Teresa Palmer) and her acclimation to her new home in the sleepy coastal town of Beaufort, North Carolina. Gabby, a nurse is Travis’ new neighbor and they don’t exactly hit it off. But eventually opposites attract and the two develop a relationship. However, Teresa has a problem, her boyfriend, Dr. Ryan McCarthy (Tom Welling) who’s a doctor at Teresa’s job. Teresa has a choice to make. Should she ignore her growing feelings for Travis and stay with Ryan, or should she leave her perfectly fine relationship with Ryan for Travis? Back to Travis for a second; his decision is a major plot development and discussing it now would ruin the movie.

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Movie Review – San Andreas



Captain Ray Gaines (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) has made a successful career of rescuing people from precarious situations. Whether it’s in Afghanistan or Laurel Canyon, CA, Ray and his team of the Los Angeles Fire Department are the ones to call when disaster strikes. However, Ray isn’t as successful in saving his marriage. Soon to be divorced from Emma (Carla Gugino), Ray has to play weekend dad to his college-aged daughter Blake (Alexandra Daddario). Meanwhile, over at the California Institute of Technology Lawrence (Paul Giamatti) is a seismologist who is working on a system to predict earthquakes.  He and Dr. Kim Park (Will-Yun Lee) detect a series of “micro-quakes” near the Hoover Dam in Nevada. As it turns out, they were right; but before they could celebrate, the earthquake they predicted wrecks the dam. 

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Hall Pass

How strong is your marriage? Are the two of you happy together? If you weren’t, would you be the kind of person who would cheat on your spouse? If you loved them tremendously and it meant saving your marriage, would you allow them some time off from your marriage so they could cheat, have some fun, and hopefully strengthen your marriage? That’s what this film is asking you to think about. Personally though I believe that if you really were to allow your spouse to cheat your marriage is probably pretty much over and it’d be better to just have a separation or a divorce.

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