Movie Review – Central Intelligence


A time-honoured tradition for outgoing high school students is the senior prank. Usually the senior prank is a banal bit of mischief that is memorable yet largely innocuous. That wasn’t the case at Central High School, class of 1996. Robbie Weirdicht (a CG Dwayne Johnson) a portly, but affable fan of En Vogue was the victim in Central High’s senior prank. A cruel victim of bullying Weirdicht, was never seen or heard from, since that fateful day. The only one to console Robbie in moment of shame was Calvin “The Golden Jet” Joyner (Kevin Hart).  Voted most like to win at everything, Joyner was destined for greatness. 20 years later and now an accountant, The Golden Jet has been grounded by the dream killing mediocrity of adulthood. With his 20 year High School reunion looming and unable to live up to the lore that is “The Golden Jet”, Calvin contemplates skipping the reunion; that is, until he receives a random Facebook message from the unknown “Bob Stone”, who claims to be of Calvin’s graduating class. 

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Movie Review – Bridge of Spies


1957. On the streets of New York, everything is business as usual, the Braves (of Milwaukee) won a nail-biter of a World Series in 7 games versus the Yankees. For mild-mannered insurance attorney James Donovan (Tom Hanks), all was well until he’s called into the boss’ office. The US Government wants Donovan to take a case pro bono. The defendant, Rudolf Abel (Mark Rylance) was charged with three counts of espionage. Rudolf Abel is a Russian spy transferring coded messages in what is known as the Hollow Nickel Case.  During the height of the Cold War, being associated with communists was as bad as  actually being a Russian spy. Threatened with nuclear annihilation, on a seemingly daily basis; the American public is less than sympathetic to Public Enemy #1.  Concerned for the safety of his family, Donovan grudgingly accepts the case. Largely because of his duty to uphold the Constitution and provide due process for the most hated man in the country. While Donovan tries to provide a honest defence, in the face of the Kangaroo Court, Abel is convicted and sentenced. Donovan’s defence now turns to keeping his client out of the gas chamber. 

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Movie Review – Birdman

Riggan Thompson (Michael Keaton) was kind of a big deal. Sure, it was twenty years ago, when Thompson starred in  the ‘Birdman’ trilogy. Now separated from his wife, broke and caring for his daughter Sam (Emma Stone) in New York City; Riggan mortgages the tattered remnants of relevancy and his Malibu beach house on adapting the 1981 Raymond Carver short story, “What We Talk About When We Talk About Love” for Broadway. Written, directed and starring Thompson; it looks like the last hurrah for the once revered ‘Birdman’. 

Norton and Keaton

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Win Win

If you saw someone in need would you help them? What if they had nowhere to go, would you take them in? It’s a tough question. How much help do you give a stranger, someone you don’t know? It’s one thing to give them a few dollars when you see them on the street, but what if they came to your door. Not that many people would take in someone they didn’t know and invite them into their household. Perhaps in this world if we were more kind to our fellow man we would be better for it.

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