Movie Review- The Birth of a Nation


In the Summer of 1831 Nat Turner and several dozen of his cohorts launched the largest slave uprising in the nation. Sickened by the treatment of fellow slaves while traveling as a preacher in Southern Virginia, Turner secretly recruited the willing, for the upcoming rebellion. On the morning of August 21, 1831, the group led by Turner, killed in upwards of 60 white men, women and children in the two day long revolt. Though the uprising was brief, the impact had long lasting effects. My biggest concern for Nate Parker, the writer, director and star of the film Birth Of A Nation, was if he’d play it safe. The contentious subject matter in this racially charged climate is already a conversation starter.  Continue reading “Movie Review- The Birth of a Nation”

MOVIE REVIEW – Mirror Mirror

Movie trailers can be the death of a movie for me before the movie even begins.  From the minute I first saw the trailer for Mirror Mirror I was pretty sure I knew exactly how I was going to walk out of this movie.  I was going to be charmed by actress Lily Collins.  I would be amused by actor Nathan Lane.  And, I’d be slightly irritated that considering the talented cast that a better movie didn’t result.  And, as it turned out, I was pretty much exactly right with my anticipatory assessment.

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Mirror Mirror Trailer Debuts Online

Relativity Media unveiled the trailer for the highly anticipated film Mirror Mirror today. The film is a reimagining of the classic Snow White fairy tale and stars Julia Roberts, Lily Collins, Nathan Lane, and many more. To find out more information and to view the trailer, continue reading.

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Relativity Annouces 2012 Film Slate

Next year will shape up to be a busy year for Relativity Media, who has announced three films as their releases for 2012.  Curious to find out which films I refer to, read on to find out….

Relativity’s Snow White Film Gets 2 New Cast Members

Nathan Lane

While there are currently two Snow White films in Production, Relativity Media has recently announced the addition of two actors in its production. 

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