MOVIE REVIEW: Olympus Has Fallen

100030_galIn my opinion, criticizing a movie just for being clichéd has become something of a copout, even though it’s increasingly difficult to resist doing so, kind of like condemning the plot of an action flick for being implausible. Still, I swore I’d stop, or at least cut back, on using the ‘c’ word. Usually there’s a subtext of some sort that deserves a little more examination when writing a review, otherwise we’re just being lazy, right? And we’re pretentious if we harp too much on realism, aren’t we? Not in this case. Continue reading “MOVIE REVIEW: Olympus Has Fallen”

MOVIE REVIEW – Dolphin Tale

Dolphin Tale

Adversity is what sets us apart.  But at the same time adversity can make us strong and give not only ourselves strength, but others as well.  Think of what inspires you and ask yourself whether or not the same thing inspires similar actions in another.  When you think about it there are many groups that band together to give each other strength.  As one member emerges overcoming whatever adversity they have, the others around them not only learn from how they did it, but gain confidence that if another can, they can too.

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Dolphin Tale Red Carpet Event

Dolphin Tale Red Carpet Event

If you are going to be in the Tampa Bay area on Wednesday, September 21 then you should plan on attending the Dolphin Tale Red Carpet Event!

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