Review – Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Set on the familiar countryside estate, the Bennett family live a simple life. Mrs. Bennett worries about the wellness of her five daughters Elizabeth, Jane, Mary, Catherine and Lydia. Getting older by the second, the Bennett siblings are approaching the marrying age, which usually means a financial gain for the Bennett’s. Mr. Bennett is equally concerned for his daughters. While the social elite train and study in Japan, China is a cost-effective solution and the Bennett girls have trained hard in the Orient. But, training for what? Well, the zombie apocalypse, of course. In one scene the girls don their best wares for an upcoming ball. There’s an equal amount of tightening and fastening of corsets and garters, along with sharpening of knives and polishing of muskets; making the girls truly as dangerous as they are pretty.  Continue reading “Review – Pride and Prejudice and Zombies”


96735_gal[1]If you’re an avid fan of the Rolling Stones and appreciate the typically languid pace of Sopranos mastermind David Chase, then parts of this fictionalized flashback to the writer/director’s formative years as part of a New Jersey garage band might interest you. Not Fade Away is likely to trigger a little nostalgia, though you’ll need to put up with a whole lot of nothing to enjoy the film’s redeeming aspects, which are so few and far between that its title could refer more to Chase’s overestimation of his audience’s attention span than to the Buddy Holly song. Continue reading “MOVIE REVIEW: Not Fade Away”

Danny Elfman’s DARK SHADOWS Original Score To Be Released May 8th


On May 8th, the score will be released for the new film Dark Shadows.  This marks the 14th collaboration between composer Danny Elfman and director Tim Burton.

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