Movie Review – The Angry Birds Movie

The Angry Birds Movie -2016 (3)On a tropical island inhabited only by flightless birds, Red (Jason Sudeikis) stands out in more ways than one. The entire island lives in relative comfort and perfect harmony. The few malcontents are sentenced to mandatory anger management classes, led by the nauseatingly perky Matilda (Maya Rudolph). While delivering a cake to a chicks birthday party, Red arrives late and can’t control his temper when the recipient refuses to pay for the order, due to Red’s tardiness. The altercation lands Red in anger management class. This is where we meet other characters like Chuck (Josh Gad) a mischievous yellow speedster. Bomb, a round black bird with a short fuse who, when angered physically explodes. Lastly there’s Terence (Sean Penn). Terence is the same type of bird as Red (apparently unrelated), but many times larger and only speaks with a short grunt or a long grunt. No one knows of the horrors committed to land Terence in anger management and it’s probably best that it remains that way. One fateful day the island is visited by its first visitors ever: a ship full of wayward pigs from Piggy Island. The Birds welcome their new friends into the flock, except for the skeptical Red, who questions the omelette loving visitors’ goodwill. 

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Movie Review – Trainwreck

Film Review Trainwreck

From a young age, Amy (Amy Schumer) and Kim (Brie Larson) have told by their father Gordon (Colin Quinn) that monogamy is unrealistic. After a hilarious euphemism for Amy and Kim’s parent’s divorce, we fast forward 20 years to a hard drinking, promiscuous, writer for a sleazy mens magazine.  Happy to shun commitment, especially with in the form of her sisters happy marriage to Tom (Mike Burbiglia); Amy is secretly in a rut. Her primary boyfriend Steven (current WWE U.S. Champion John Cena) seems nice, but their relationship is unfulfilling. Work isn’t that much better. Working for S’Nuff magazine has its perks but writing articles ranking the ugliest celebrity babies is beneath her. Amy’s boss Dianna (Tilda Swinton) has a proposition. If Amy, who knows nothing about sports can write a fluff piece on a top surgeon to elite athletes, she’ll get promoted to executive editor. 

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Black suits.  Cool sunglasses.  Style.  This is what defines the Men in Black.  Some 15 years after the original film the guys in black are back to save the planet yet again.  And this time they’ve got to go back thru time in order to do it.  Can this trip thru time bring back the same qualities that the original film had and be as much of a success?  Only time will tell.

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Sci-fi geeks and comic book fans all over the world would love to meet an alien in person. Imagine what first contact would be like. Would you even know what to say? Would they look like what we envision an alien to even look like? Most of us believe that the universe is too large to only have one planet that has life out there. Some of us believe the earth has been visited by alien life in the past and are currently visiting us. And some of us fear what might happen if alien life ever did find its way to our planet.

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