MOVIE REVIEW: Coriolanus

‘A place calling itself Rome’ looks a lot more like war-torn Serbia in Coriolanus, Ralph Fiennes’ version of the politically charged Shakespeare tragedy. Not as much an update of the play as an application of the script to a more relatable era (with a treatment by Gladiator and Hugo screenwriter John Logan), the film replaces the archaic battle implements of ancient Rome with the automatic weapons and Kevlar of modern warfare. Initially bearing a visual resemblance to something like Green Zone, with which it shares cinematographer Barry Ackroyd (The Hurt Locker), Coriolanus is a film altogether different in its mixture of elements. But the politics and language, for all intents and purposes, remain the same. Continue reading “MOVIE REVIEW: Coriolanus”

MOVIE REVIEW – Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Almost everyone knows of or has seen the original Planet of the Apes or the Mark Whalberg remake a few years ago.  And most of us also know that humans and apes share around 98% of the same genetic code.  So it makes them our closest counterparts.  We also know that apes are extremely intelligent animals and that we have been able to train them on many things.  So what would happen if we made them as smart, if not smarter than a human?  They’re physically stronger, so it’s only our mental strength that puts us as the dominant species.  Would things go terribly and horribly wrong?

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SDCC: Thursday Panel Exclusives


Though Comic Con offers an additional day known as Preview Night on the Wednesday of Comic Con week (where attendees can get an early peek at the exhibit floor, exclusive Preview Night swag items, as well as pilot screenings for upcoming television shows),  the annual San Diego event offically kicks into gear on Thursday, where attendees are provided the opportunity to go panels (or “conferences” for those unfamilar) for films, television shows (new and familar), video games, and comic books.  Attended by Hollywood actors, directors, and screenwriters, as well as comic book writers, comic book creators, and the like, fans are provided a forum-like atmosphere where they can discuss their favorite project with its respective artists. Continue reading “SDCC: Thursday Panel Exclusives”