Movie Review – John Wick

After a storied career as a trained killer, our hero looks to retire his special set of  “skills”. However this isn’t Taken. Recently widowed, our hero finds solace in his quieter surroundings when thugs of Eastern European (probably Russian), shatters the calm by senselessly hurting a loved one. No, this isn’t The Equalizer. What sets John Wick apart from these successful films how upfront the film is with its ridiculousness. When word of his son’s idiocy, gets back to Mob Boss, Viggo (Michael Nyqvist) Tarasov he simply tells Iosef:


“It’s not what you did that angers me so, it’s who you did it to.” Described as “the man you send to kill the Boogeyman”, John Wick is not the man you’d want to piss off. Ever. 




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