Movie Review – Jurassic World


Twenty-two years after the debacle on Isla Nublar, Jurassic World is open for business. Dr John Hammond’s vision has come to life and business is booming. Like any other business, especially a theme park; Jurassic World must reinvent itself to stay relevant. The scientific discovery of genetically engineered dinosaurs from fossilized mosquitoes is passe and park visitors demand more. At least, that is what current fiscal projections predict. Unwilling to let profits slide, park owner and billionaire Simon Masrani (Iffran Khan) has his geneticists cook up a hybrid dino that’s bigger, faster and stronger than the Tyrannosaurus Rex. The Indominus Rex, as it’s known, will surely bring home the bacon. Until its imminent escape, that is. 

Meanwhile, on another part of the island, Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) is an experienced Velociraptor trainer who is instructed by Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard) to inspect the cage for the Indominus. The cage was supposed to hold the Indominus and was supposed to be impossible to escape. Oops. Right on cue the Indominus escapes. Head of park security, Hoskins (Vincent D’onofrio) wants to use Owen’s trained raptors to hunt the I-Rex. If successful, iN*Gen, Hoskins’ employer could find use for raptors on the battlefield. Claire’s nephews, Zach (Nick Robinson) and Gray (Ty Simpkins) are visiting the park today (of course) and are caught in the middle of it all when the I-Rex breaks loose. 

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The Help Comes Home For The Holidays

The Help

DreamWorks Studios has announced the DVD and Blu-ray release for their hit film The Help on December 6, 2011.  Want to know all of the details?

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt is having one hell of a career boost.  After growing out of his role on TV’s 3rd Rock From the Sun, he has created some of modern film’s most memorable characters, from the hard-boiled high-school gumshoe in Rian Johnson’s Brick, to the romantically befuddled Tom in Marc Webb’s (500) Days of Summer, to point-man Arthur in Christopher Nolan’s Inception.  In 50/50, director Jonathan Levine takes Gordon-Levitt to unparalleled heights and depths of the human soul in an effort to get one of his best performances from him; to sum up this review, he succeeded.
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The Help

When I think about the history of our country, I think of someone writing it using a quill on a piece of paper.  You dip the quill into your black ink and gradually and gracefully start to put the words down.  But every now and then the ink runs and a giant black spot hits the paper.  Those are the errors within the history.  And probably the two worst errors and shameful times in our history were slavery, and then the treatment of black citizens after slavery ended.  Every country has problems, but when you go so far as to say separate but equal, when you oppress a people, how can they truly be equal?

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MTV Movie Award Winners

MTV Movie Awards

Want to know who was nominated and who won tonight on the MTV Movie Awards?  We’ve got the information!

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