A Review: The Hobbit: Battle of Five Armies

The end is nigh. Finally, The Hobbit trilogy has come to an end. And what a way to go. Though it felt like the third act and a continuation of The Desolation of Smaug; The Battle of Five Armies doesn’t disappoint. Starting immediately after the events of Smaug’s escape of the Lonely Mountain and attack on Lake Town. With barely enough time to catch a breath, the pace is fast and furious throughout. It may be the best Peter Jackson film to date. Running a svelte, 144 minutes The Battle of Five Armies is the perfect conclusion to the trilogy. 

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Movie Review – How To Train Your Dragon 2

After the events of the first film; the small Viking enclave of Berk is full of life, commerce and dragons. With dragons being faster than boats, the townsfolk of Berk can explore new lands at a blistering speed. Our heroes Hiccup and Toothless, while out exploring, run across dragon trappers who tell rumours of Drago Bludvist. Drago is a maniacal pirate that is trying to raise a dragon army. Hiccup, the reluctant heir apparent to become the next chief, tries desperately to escape his destiny; with Drago and possibly war on the horizon, Hiccup’s decisions will save or condemn his village. how-to-train-your-dragon-2-trailer-07122013-112023

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Pre-Order The Hobbit on Blu Ray…Again?

The Hobbit is back on Blu-Ray this November with the extended edition. It’s Available from November 5, but pre-orders now on Amazon or WBShop.com today. There’s only 13 more minutes of footage in the extended edition, bringing the running time to a svelte 182 minutes. There is about 9 hours of special features to keep you busy. Watch Peter Jackson’s transformation of New Zealand to Middle Earth or listen to one on the new director’s commentary tracks. The Blu Ray is also available in 3D. Both versions include an Ultraviolet version, for download to mobile devices.



We all know that some children can be mischievous.  They can also be bad.  And even still, some can be quite evil.  We’ve heard of kids hurting other people, or even killing them.  I think bad kids more commonly bully other children though.  But this happens to be a story of a girl who will fight for herself and her father regardless of what she has to do.  Like slitting someone’s throat, shooting them, or some bad ass fighting sequences.  So I’ll pose the question… Was this movie good?  Yes.  Was this movie great?  No.  But a movie doesn’t have to be great to be very entertaining.

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Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit Begins Production

The Hobbit

Peter Jackson has posted a studio press release on his official site announcing that production has commenced in New Zealand on the anticipated pair of The Hobbit films.

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