Movie Review – The 5th Wave

the others

In an instant, The Others appeared. Their origin, motives, even their appearance remains a mystery. The world watch the lone spaceship circumnavigate the planet, only to hover over a suburban Ohio town. A high school Junior and otherwise pretty average kid Cassie Sullivan (Chloë Moretz), survival meant gym class. As the story starts in medias res, Cassie now survives with a scavenged M4 rifle, a few bottles of water and protein bars from abandoned gas stations. The remnants of her humanity remain in her diary, as Cassie faces danger at every turn.  Continue reading “Movie Review – The 5th Wave”

Movie Review – The Equalizer

Being very loosely based on the 1980’s CBS show of the same name; The Equalizer stars Denzel Washington as Bob McCall. His days as an agent in one of the alphabet soup of federal agencies, Bob, a widow, lives alone in his cozy Boston apartment. He spends his days working at Home Mart, a Lowes/Home Depot knockoff and his many sleepless nights at a local diner. At the diner he befriends Elena (Chloe Grace-Moretz), a teenage Russian prostitute who stops in to grab a bite to eat in between jobs. Uh OhWhen Elena is hospitalized by her pimp, Bob does the honorable thing and tries to buy Elena’s freedom. Just under $10,000 should cover costs, but as you may have guessed by the picture above; negotiations break down quickly and five dead Russians in a pool of blood is all that remains. 

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CARRIE Releases New Featurette & Clip


When it comes to remakes/reboots, I (along with many others, I’m sure) am typically ambivalent to the idea.  Still, with that being said, I still try to keep any open mind, and I still try to give these films a chance.  The latest film which will seek to test audiences’ tolerance regarding remakes Continue reading “CARRIE Releases New Featurette & Clip”

Danny Elfman’s DARK SHADOWS Original Score To Be Released May 8th


On May 8th, the score will be released for the new film Dark Shadows.  This marks the 14th collaboration between composer Danny Elfman and director Tim Burton.

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Movies are dreams brought to life.  Movies are a magical experience.  A great movie is like watching pure magic on screen because the world of the film becomes your own world as you watch it.  It engrosses you and everything else around you fades away.  They are in fact a form of magic and the director is the magician.  The director is the one responsible for creating an entire world that you can let yourself into.  And Martin Scorsese is a brilliant director and magician of film.

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