Movie Review – The Angry Birds Movie

The Angry Birds Movie -2016 (3)On a tropical island inhabited only by flightless birds, Red (Jason Sudeikis) stands out in more ways than one. The entire island lives in relative comfort and perfect harmony. The few malcontents are sentenced to mandatory anger management classes, led by the nauseatingly perky Matilda (Maya Rudolph). While delivering a cake to a chicks birthday party, Red arrives late and can’t control his temper when the recipient refuses to pay for the order, due to Red’s tardiness. The altercation lands Red in anger management class. This is where we meet other characters like Chuck (Josh Gad) a mischievous yellow speedster. Bomb, a round black bird with a short fuse who, when angered physically explodes. Lastly there’s Terence (Sean Penn). Terence is the same type of bird as Red (apparently unrelated), but many times larger and only speaks with a short grunt or a long grunt. No one knows of the horrors committed to land Terence in anger management and it’s probably best that it remains that way. One fateful day the island is visited by its first visitors ever: a ship full of wayward pigs from Piggy Island. The Birds welcome their new friends into the flock, except for the skeptical Red, who questions the omelette loving visitors’ goodwill. 

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Movie Review – Rock The Kasbah


Richie Lanz (Bill Murray) was on top of the music world. Representing the biggest and best, Lanz has single-handedly sculpted popular music in America, over his multi decade career. That was in the 70’s; 40 years later, Lanz operates his talent agency out of a seedy Van Nuys, California motel. With one actual client, Ronnie (Zooey Deschanel), Richie gets an idea to join a USO tour. The USO is an organization that provides services and live entertainment for troops overseas and Ronnie is scheduled to perform in sunny Afghanistan. Less than thrilled at the prospect of travelling halfway around the world to the physical manifestation of hell, Ronnie befriends a mercenary named Bombay Brian (Bruce Willis); who assists in her escape from Kabul. Without any money, or a talent to represent, Ritchie is stranded in Afghanistan.  Continue reading “Movie Review – Rock The Kasbah”

HBO’s Eastbound & Down Gets a Debut Date for Next Season

Fans of HBO’s Eastbound & Down will happy to hear that on Sunday, February 19th it’s coming back for yet another season of the show that centers on the story of Kenny Powers, played by Danny McBride.  The show Life’s Too Short also debuts the same night.

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30 Minutes Or Less Arrives on Blu-ray and DVD This November

30 Minutes or Less

Sony Pictures has announced the arrival of their recent comedy 30 Minutes of Less on Blu-ray and DVD this November.

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MOVIE REVIEW – Your Highness

Your Highness

I enjoy laughing just as much as the next person does.  I mean, who doesn’t.  Laughing puts a smile on our face and makes us feel really good.  I laugh at silly things, ironic things, and plain old stupid things.  Even bad movies can have bits of humor in them that are extremely amusing and entertaining.  Cursing in an inappropriate place is also pretty funny.  But I have to remind myself when watching a comedy that laughs aren’t everything.  Sometimes after watching a movie I laugh.  Not at the movie but at myself for actually having sat through something that I should have gotten up and walked out half way through.

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