Movie Review – Suicide Squad


A shadowy arm of the government want to be proactive against threats against the land. Realizing the futility of conventional means against these threats, the agency uses an unconventional weapon. The baddest of the bad, worst of the worst criminals ever would fight (begrudgingly) against those that threaten our existence. Set to a trippy set list of memorable songs that act almost as a commentator throughout the film, surely this will be the experience that shapes your summer. Unfortunately for Warner Brothers and DC Comics, 2014 happened and Guardians of the Galaxy was released to positive reviews. With two lackluster entrants for the DC Extended Universe preceding Suicide Squad, the WB and DC needs this film to do well. At this moment Suicide Squad has a 27% positive rating on aggregate review site Rotten; which was down from 31% 12 hours ago.  Despite the vitriol for Suicide Squad, the battle at the box office is ultimately decided by the value of your movie ticket. It’s not that Suicide Squad isn’t worth seeing but, with ticket prices steadily increasing and the added costs of 3D and IMAX (also in 3D); how much is it worth seeing to you? Continue reading “Movie Review – Suicide Squad”

Movie Review – The Equalizer

Being very loosely based on the 1980’s CBS show of the same name; The Equalizer stars Denzel Washington as Bob McCall. His days as an agent in one of the alphabet soup of federal agencies, Bob, a widow, lives alone in his cozy Boston apartment. He spends his days working at Home Mart, a Lowes/Home Depot knockoff and his many sleepless nights at a local diner. At the diner he befriends Elena (Chloe Grace-Moretz), a teenage Russian prostitute who stops in to grab a bite to eat in between jobs. Uh OhWhen Elena is hospitalized by her pimp, Bob does the honorable thing and tries to buy Elena’s freedom. Just under $10,000 should cover costs, but as you may have guessed by the picture above; negotiations break down quickly and five dead Russians in a pool of blood is all that remains. 

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Movie Review – A Walk Among Tombstones

A Walk Among The Tombstones

Based on the 1992 Lawrence Block book of the same name, A Walk Among The Tombstones isn’t your typical Liam Neeson movie. Neeson as retired Detective Matthew Scudder, does possess a certain set of skills. Skills used again the criminal element of New York city in the 1990’s. The recently retired Scudder free-lances as a private detective part-time; unlicensed and therefore unregulated, Scudder does “favors” for people, accepting “gifts” as the only payment. Peter Kristo needs a big favor. His brother’ Kenny’s wife Carrie was kidnapped. The ransom was set and paid, but Carrie was returned to Kenny in many, many pieces.  Continue reading “Movie Review – A Walk Among Tombstones”