Movie Review – Deepwater Horizon


The effects driven retelling of the largest man made environmental disaster in U.S. history; Deepwater Horizon is more akin to ‘Snakes on a Plane’ than the human interest story it tries to be. Minimalist in its storytelling, Deepwater Horizon is a bit confusing at times yet, it still is an effect no-nonsense thriller. That could be good or bad, depending on your expectations of the film. This isn’t an emotional docu-drama, nor is it a bloated CGI fest. (OK, maybe a little) Deepwater Horizon, like so many other calamity films places a bunch of likable characters on the precipice of sudden disaster. Though the film stars Mark Wahlberg, Kurt Russell and Kate Hudson, the real star of the show is the ill-fated semi-submersible oil rig.

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Movie Review – The Scorch Trials


Picking up immediately after the events of The Maze Runner; The Scorch Trials continues the story of the Gladers, who were rescued by an unknown paramilitary group who fights against the government organization, World Catastrophe Killzone Department (WCKD pronounced Wicked). Taken to a safe haven where Thomas (Dylan O’Brien), Newt (Thomas Brodie-Sangster), Min-ho (Ki Hong Lee) and Teresa (Kaya Scodelario) are able to grab some warm clothes and a bite to eat in relative comfort. With WCKD on the hunt and the arid desert landscape full of ‘Cranks’, a zombie-like humanoid that is infected with advanced stages of ‘The Flare’, a viral plague that led to the fall of humanity. 

All isn’t what it seems when Thomas gets more agitated at not being able to see Teresa, also he notices that groups of kids are selected for a ‘promotion’ by Janssen (Aidan Gillen) only to never be seen again. Something’s up, but if the long told stories are true, a group of resistance fighters known as the Right Hand lies somewhere beyond the Scorch in the mountains. Obviously, escaping the compound and traversing the Scorch is tough enough. Doing that with an army of WCKD soldiers and a desert full of Cranks makes the journey impossible. Complicating matters is the uncertainty of the Right Hand. It would be soul crushing to find out that the Right Hand is a hoax.  Continue reading “Movie Review – The Scorch Trials”

Movie Review – The Maze Runner


James Dashner’s 2009 novel The Maze Runner starts with a bang. Actually a series of speaker rattling bangs and passing lights, as our elevator ascends to its top floor destination. The only cargo in the elevator is a nameless boy who doesn’t remember his name, nor how he got in the elevator. He isn’t alone though; greeted by the residents of this walled oasis known as The Glade (shot in rural Louisana); the nameless boy has a lot of questions with little hope of finding answers. The square mile wide Glade is actually the center of a life-sized maze. How the residents got there and why remains a mystery, yet life isn’t all bad. The Gladers, as they’re known; are as ethnically diverse, as they are mild-mannered. Leader Alby has been in the Glade the longest and has three simple rules. 

  1. Do your part, no freeloading
  2. No fighting
  3. DO NOT enter the maze (except Runners)

Seems easy enough. The all male Gladers have fire, tools for crafting and vegetation, the essential for maintaining some quality of life; while Runners set out daily into the maze hoping to find an exit.  The nighttime shrieks of something known only as Grievers, along with the noises of the ever-changing maze itself shatter the calm of the Glade and reinforce the ideal that the maze must be something more. But what?

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MTV’s Teen Wolf hits Comic-Con

MTV announced today the hit drama “Teen Wolf” will be back at Comic-Con for the third consecutive year, with a panel featuring all the stars from the series, and a special sneak peek of an all-new episode.  In addition, MTV Geek! will host a live pitch competition between three top comic creators in the industry.  For those who can’t make it to San Diego this year, MTV News and MTV Geek! will bring the Con to fans providing wall-to-wall convention coverage.

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