Movie Review – Suicide Squad


A shadowy arm of the government want to be proactive against threats against the land. Realizing the futility of conventional means against these threats, the agency uses an unconventional weapon. The baddest of the bad, worst of the worst criminals ever would fight (begrudgingly) against those that threaten our existence. Set to a trippy set list of memorable songs that act almost as a commentator throughout the film, surely this will be the experience that shapes your summer. Unfortunately for Warner Brothers and DC Comics, 2014 happened and Guardians of the Galaxy was released to positive reviews. With two lackluster entrants for the DC Extended Universe preceding Suicide Squad, the WB and DC needs this film to do well. At this moment Suicide Squad has a 27% positive rating on aggregate review site Rotten; which was down from 31% 12 hours ago.  Despite the vitriol for Suicide Squad, the battle at the box office is ultimately decided by the value of your movie ticket. It’s not that Suicide Squad isn’t worth seeing but, with ticket prices steadily increasing and the added costs of 3D and IMAX (also in 3D); how much is it worth seeing to you? Continue reading “Movie Review – Suicide Squad”

Movie Review – Trainwreck

Film Review Trainwreck

From a young age, Amy (Amy Schumer) and Kim (Brie Larson) have told by their father Gordon (Colin Quinn) that monogamy is unrealistic. After a hilarious euphemism for Amy and Kim’s parent’s divorce, we fast forward 20 years to a hard drinking, promiscuous, writer for a sleazy mens magazine.  Happy to shun commitment, especially with in the form of her sisters happy marriage to Tom (Mike Burbiglia); Amy is secretly in a rut. Her primary boyfriend Steven (current WWE U.S. Champion John Cena) seems nice, but their relationship is unfulfilling. Work isn’t that much better. Working for S’Nuff magazine has its perks but writing articles ranking the ugliest celebrity babies is beneath her. Amy’s boss Dianna (Tilda Swinton) has a proposition. If Amy, who knows nothing about sports can write a fluff piece on a top surgeon to elite athletes, she’ll get promoted to executive editor. 

Unexpectedly, Amy falls for the likable Dr. Connors (Bill Hader), in a way that’s more significant than her usual one night stand. Could this be what adults call love? Was her cantankerous father wrong so many years ago?  Continue reading “Movie Review – Trainwreck”

MOVIE REVIEW: We Need To Talk About Kevin

We Need To Talk About Kevin is a serious film.  More serious than any film in the year it was released (2011), a year in which much of our attention was taken away by the conclusion of an eight-film wizarding series, more sparkly vampires, and yet another few entries in Marvel’s Avengers pantheon.
Well, at least there wasn’t another Saw movie.
Anyway, an adaptation of a novel of the same name by Lionel Shriver, Kevin speaks to the heart of our voyeuristic culture so ravaged by scandal and shock – a culture that deceased news anchor Christine Chubbuck’s old boss claimed to want “blood and guts”.
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