Movie Review – The Purge: Election Year


We last saw Sgt. Leo Barnes two years ago in Los Angeles during the Purge of 2023; the annual holiday where all crime, including rape and murder (except of high ranking government officials) are legal. Though avenging the death of his toddler son drives Leo’s existence, he realized that the Purge wasn’t as it seems. Wonderfully hinted in the first film (2013) and all but screamed in the second (2014), the Purge is a thinly veiled exercise in population control where the upper class psychopaths prey on the defenceless, eliminating the “burdens” of society. Realizing that murder won’t bring him happiness, nor bring his son back Leo moves on.

Two years later, we reconnect with Leo in Washington, DC; where he is leading a security detail for a popular Presidential candidate. Senator Charlene ‘Charlie’ Roan (Elizabeth Mitchell) has been on the frontlines, rallying against the Purge for decades. Fifteen years ago, Senator Roan was the sole survivor of a Purge night attack on her family. Since that fateful day, she has dedicated her life to ending the annual lawless holiday. The New Founding Fathers of America (NFFA) stands to oppose the Senator and thus “Keep America Great”. Crime and unemployment are at an all time low while, consumer spending and overall happiness are at its highest, since the institution of the Purge. While the debate rages on about the ethics and morality of the Purge, its supporters conclude that America has never been better. In response to cries of the Purge being an instrument of classism, xenophobia and racism; the NFFA strikes down one of the few rules of the event. The use of class 4 and above weapons are prohibited, but for the first time, any government official, including those of class 10 or higher are not exempt from the Purge this year. For Leo Barnes, keeping the Senator alive through the night is his only priority; and that isn’t as easy as it seems.  Continue reading “Movie Review – The Purge: Election Year”

Movie Review – The Purge: Anarchy


Though The Purge wasn’t a good movie, the elephant in the room has always been its premise. How would you spent the night where all crime was legal, except for the killing of government official of level 10 rank or higher. Also class 4 and higher caliber weaponry is forbidden. But how would you spend the night? Unfortunately, the first movie focused on a single family, in a single neighbourhood; living in a suburb of Los Angeles. It left me wanting so much more. I had a ton of questions in the end, as the premise had been so intriguing; but almost  forgotten when the assailants stormed the home. Such a great movie premise, abandoned to become a run of the mill slasher film.

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Movie Review – Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Captain America: The Winter Soldier loses some of its charm that made the first movie so successful. The snappy banter has been turned up a notch in The Winter Soldier, but it is a very different movie. Superhero flicks like Man Of Steel and The Dark Knight Rises, tried too hard to be edgy and gritty. Others like Iron man 3 and The Wolverine were awash of pretty colours and high octane action, but little substance in the story.


For the first time since the Avengers in 2012, a superhero movie has seamlessly blended the frenetic pacing and over the top action that we’ve come to expect of these movies ; with a story that is fluid and dare I say relevant story of the morality of freedom.

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Survival is an interesting concept.  To find yourself in that kind of situation where you have to act and react to your surroundings with a primal instinct is a scary concept.  On a daily basis we as humans fight our primal instinct with our intellectual mind.  We don’t simply act on a situation before thinking about it.  But imagine yourself faced with a life and death situation.  What would you do, or risk in order to survive?

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Why do we do the things we do?  What makes us passionate enough to overcome adversities?  Truthfully that’s a question in which the answer is probably different for everyone who would ask that of themselves.  But when times are tough either emotionally, financially, or in any other way, many of us get the courage and passion that can drive us to become better then we currently are.  Essentially, we become our own warrior.

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