Movie Review – Deadpool


I had my doubts. Usually February is a dumping ground for films unworthy of both award or blockbuster status. We’re beginning the closest thing to an offseason for Hollywood and 2016 looks typically dismal. My skepticism of Marvel Comics & 20th Century Fox’s Deadpool goes far beyond its release date. As a spin-off of the X-Men franchise, Deadpool has some pretty big shoes to fill, especially as a lesser known property. However, anyone that’s moderately familiar with ‘The Merc with the Mouth’ should be as concerned as I am that Fox could ruin this franchise in a similar fashion to ‘The Fantastic Four’. So what is it then? Did Fox sacrifice story for profits, or did they alienate a portion of the audience by making the ‘R’ rated film Deadpool needs to be. Or, is Deadpool not good enough to hang with the boys of Summer, in this increasingly crowded field of superhero films?

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Official Synopsis of FAST & FURIOUS 6 Released!


Dom, Brian, and their crew are back!  Universal Pictures has released an official synopsis to FAST AND FURIOUS 6.  You can check out the details below….

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Over the past couple of years or so Steven Soderbergh has given audiences small film experiments after one of his big time Hollywood releases. First was the non-actor differently released to multiple formats Bubble in 2006. Next was his porn star Sasha Grey starring picture The Girlfriend Experience. Now we have this one, Haywire, an action spy revenge movie starring MMA star Gina Carano.  Like the other this is small genre picture of sorts on a smaller scale than what we’re used to seeing from him but all the while fun to watch.

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Steven Soderbergh is certainly a versatile director in Hollywood.  He’s tackled a multitude of different genres and generally handles them well.  He’s a director that actors seem to flock to and his films in droves to fill the rolls it requires.  But not every genre is handled well by every director and it seems as though Soderbergh has some limits that we’re now discovering.

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SDCC: Haywire & The Raven

 Check out some of Relativity Media’s lineup featured at Comic Con…Epsionage thriller Haywire & murder mystery, The Raven.

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