Movie Review – Zootopia

There’s a world where animals have evolved to a higher level of think, far past their basic instincts. However, animals all over uses their natural abilities to their advantage. Rabbits farm and the King of the Jungle is Mayor. It’s perfectly sufficient to use your natural talents to cement your place in life, but what if you could achieve more? What if you could change your predestined station in life and follow your dreams? Since she was a kit, Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin) of Bunnyborrow has always stood up for the little guy, even though she’s pretty tiny herself. While her overprotective parents Bonnie (Bonnie Hunt) and Stu (Don Lake) would rather see Judy join her 237 siblings and maintain the family farm; Judy wants to protect and serve in the Zootopia Police Department.  Continue reading “Movie Review – Zootopia”

MOVIE REVIEW – Something Borrowed

Something Borrowed

Friendships can be tricky.  Depending on the number of friends you have you may find yourself having a friend who’s a push-over, or someone who always has to get their way.  You could be that one who has to get their way, or worse yet, you could be the push-over friend.  And if you were/are the push-over friend, just how far do you go to stand up for yourself before you threaten the friendship itself?  It’s a tough question.  Ultimately though you have to stand up for yourself, no matter how hard it can be.

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