Movie Review – Eye in the Sky


Eye-in-the-Sky-Movie-Wallpaper-02High above the Arid landscape that is the Eastleigh section of Nairobi, Kenya is an unmanned aerial vehicle. A drone. Equipped with cameras and two hellfire missiles, the drone is in position and ready to strike. Its target: a home where three high-profile terrorists, including a radicalized British national and their newest recruits are getting acquainted. Leading the mission to capture the terrorists is Col. Katherine Powell (Helen Mirren), a high-ranking British Intelligence Officer. Upon identifying the threats, Col. Powell coordinates with local authorities to make the arrests. Before the locals can raid the compound, a startling discovery is made. Apparently the terrorists are beyond pleasantries and have began preparation for a suicide bombing.  Continue reading “Movie Review – Eye in the Sky”

Movie Review – The Hundred Foot Journey

Papa vs Mallory When tragedy in the form of political unrest strikes the Kadam family’s Mumbai restaurant, they pack up and head to London. If home is where the heart is, the heart is in the flight path of one of Europe’s busiest airports. The Kadam family is on the move again. After car trouble stalls them outside of a small town in Provence, France, the headstrong but stubborn patriarch, Papa (Om Puri), falls in love with a space that was formerly a restaurant. The rest of the family has reservations, especially since nobody eats Indian food in the South of France. Undeterred by the family or the locals, Maison Mumbai will open, come hell or high water. Led by the talented Hassan (Manish Dayal) in the kitchen; will the restaurant survive in a land where their culture doesn’t exist? Continue reading “Movie Review – The Hundred Foot Journey”

Movie Review: Red 2

red-2 Red 2 is as good as the first! There’s really nothing more than that to say. It’s the most important thing to take away from this review. I wanted to save you the time over the next 600 words and simply say the Red 2 is as good as the first. It’s been another year of sequels. While this year has been particularly lackluster, Red 2 can be added to the very short list of sequels worth seeing.   However, as a reviewer; it would be pretty lazy to leave this review on that note.  We’ll go delve into the shenanigans of the film in a bit but, Red 2 could be setting itself up to be a franchise worth following.  Continue reading “Movie Review: Red 2”


The Debt

Is believing in a lie sometimes better than knowing the truth?  It’s an interesting question.  If a horrible thing was committed against you, your family, or your friends and you truly believed that individual was brought to justice is that better than knowing they got away without paying for their crime?  Sometimes lies benefit those around you, but one thing is definitely certain, a lie will eat the insides of the individual(s) who spread that lie.  You can convince yourself that it’s no big deal, but the guilt does build and never truly goes away.

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We all want to be wealthy, powerful and just plain rich.  Think of the lives that you could live.  You could do anything you wanted to, have anything you wanted, and be anyone you wanted and people around you would flock to you just to be associated around you.  I’ve got a list of a thousand things that I would buy if I had a billion dollars.  But would it make you happy?  Can it make up for those little, or in some instances big things that hinder your personality?  Probably not.

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