Movie Review – The Finest Hours


After an unnecessarily long exposition, we finally meet the ill-fated SS Pendleton, a battered Type T2-SE-A1 tanker; off the Massachusetts coast, south of Cape Cod. The Pendleton was en route to Boston from New Orléans until. A sudden lurch then am loud explosion ripped the boat in half. The bow drifted more to the south and the stern, with its 33 men remained afloat in tormented seas, but quick thinking from the crew delayed the inevitable. The stern of the Pendleton had power, but was taking on more water than it could pump out; with only a few hours of buoyancy left, The Finest Hours is an overly dramatic (at times) account of the rescue attempt of those men. Continue reading “Movie Review – The Finest Hours”


Jane Eyre

Most of us are familiar with the story of Jane Eyre. It’s based on a classic novel by world renowned author Charlotte Brontë. It’s a classic story of a young girl living in old England and the struggles that she has to go through. Women today are the equals of men. But in the past it wasn’t always the case. Women were more servants to men and were expected to act a certain way. But every once in a while a woman with a stronger soul would emerge.

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