Movie Review – The Neon Demon


The high-profile world of professional modeling is a risky business. Lost under the glitz, glamour and fashion are those yearning for the validation of a popular few. Though breaking into the business is easier said than done, maintaining relevancy is the name of the game. In a business where you’re considered “old” by 21 years old, newcomer Jessie (Elle Fanning) is naturally turning heads. Fresh off a sweet sixteen, Jessie has arrived in Los Angeles to become a model. After her first photo shoot, Jessie hangs out with new friend Ruby, a makeup artist (Jena Malone) and Ruby’s other model friends Sarah (Abbey Lee) and Gigi (Bella Heathcote). Wary of the new kid on the block, veterans Sarah and Gigi aren’t as welcoming. Adding to her struggles are Jessie’s living conditions. Renting a seedy motel in suburban Pasadena from a less than trustworthy guy, Jessie is in more danger than she realizes.  Continue reading “Movie Review – The Neon Demon”

Over 13.9 Million Total Viewers Join the Feud!

The History Channel’s Hatfields and McCoys becomes the #1 non-sports telecast in ad supported cable history!

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MINI-SERIES REVIEW – Hatfields & McCoys

A misunderstanding and resentment can breed distrust and hatred among men.  And in American history there probably is no better example of this than the Hatfields and McCoys.  Two families, that nearly brought their two states to the brink of another civil war over a feud like none other because of two families that could not see eye to eye on any one issue and deeply resented and wound up hating each other.

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MOVIE REVIEW – Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch

If everything you knew was suddenly taken away from you, what would you do?  Imagine being locked away in an insane asylum against your will where you are completely stripped of all of the freedoms in life we take for granted.  If you weren’t insane already you’d probably go out of your mind trying to figure out a way to regain those freedoms.  Perhaps you would escape into your own make believe world where anything was possible, and the realities of your situation no longer applied.  You’d probably have to or whatever sanity you walked in with would be gradually whittled away down to nothing.

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