Movie Review – Mother’s Day (2016)


Director Garry Marshall is at it again, taking another ensemble cast and pairing it with another Hallmark Holiday. This time, Mother’s Day approaches and we follow four different, seemingly unconnected families as they prepare for the big day.

Sandy (Jennifer Anniston) is a recently divorced interior decorator, shares custody of her two boys with ex-husband Henry (Timothy Olyphant). All is as well as could be, under the circumstances; until Henry divulges his engagement to the younger, more attractive and generally better in every conceivable way Tina (Shay Mitchell). Upset over the finality of her failed marriage Sandy vents her frustrations to friend Jesse (Kate Hudson). Jesse lives next door to her sister Gabi, who is married to her wife Max (Cameron Esposito). The couple also has an adopted son. Jesse, is also married, but to a doctor of Indian ethnicity Russell (Aasif Mandvi). They also have a child together. Gabi and Jesse share two archaic (read: ignorant) parents who are so stubbornly closed-minded, the siblings hid their relationships from their parents, avoiding confrontation. Bradley (Jason Sudeikis) is recently widowed. This will be his first Mother’s Day without his wife and he is still grieving. Now struggling to raise two teenage girls alone, he reluctantly ponders joining the dating scene again.  Continue reading “Movie Review – Mother’s Day (2016)”

Movie Review – Horrible Bosses 2

Now that Nick (Jason Bateman), Kurt (Jason Sudeikis) and Dale (Charlie Day) have imprisoned, killed and blackmailed their ‘Horrible Bosses’; the trio, now liberated from the monotony of the office has started a company based on their invention. After their live television appearance pitching The Shower Buddy goes impossibly bad, NicKurtDale Inc. may be dead before it gets off the ground. Now seeking the financial help of a private investor, the boys get an offer from the smarmy Bert Hanson (Christoph Waltz), who will lend $3 million for production of the first 100,00 units. When Hanson suddenly backs out of the deal, the boys need cash to pay their debts, or lose their business. 


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Whitney Houston’s “Queen of the Night” costume worn by her character, Rachel Marron, in THE BODYGUARD

Profiles in History will be auctioning off some iconic costumes worn by not only Whitney Houston (seen above), but also Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez.  Read the press release after the break: Continue reading “ICONIC COSTUMES FROM WHITNEY HOUSTON, BRITNEY SPEARS, AND JENNIFER LOPEZ AT PROFILES IN HISTORY’S JULY HOLLYWOOD AUCTION”

MOVIE REVIEW – Horrible Bosses

Horrible Bosses

Bosses suck.  Nobody likes their boss unless they are their own boss.  Yea, yea, there are going to be some of you out there that will write in saying things like “my boss really is a good person and respects me.”  But I’ll counter that by saying is that the case all the time?  Probably not.  Most likely not.  Face it, bosses are there for the company and not you.  Some of them are stricter than others, but that doesn’t mean that even the nice ones don’t have the company’s best interest in mind.  Either you perform well, or to the companies standards or you’re going to have to face your boss, probably not in the most comfortable of circumstances.

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MTV Movie Award Winners

MTV Movie Awards

Want to know who was nominated and who won tonight on the MTV Movie Awards?  We’ve got the information!

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MOVIE REVIEW – Just Go With It

Just Go With It

What would you do to get a good looking girl? We’ve all stretched the truth a bit when we meet someone. But how far is too far? Everyone has their guard up a bit and we try to get the other person to drop it as much as possible. Good looking women feel essentially hunted when they go into a place with a lot of men. Men leer, make comments, and try their best to pick them up and bring them back to their place. But how far is too far really?

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31st Annual RAZZIE Awards Nominations Announced!


Its awards season and everyone is always excited to see who the best of the best really is. But we all know that every year for each great movie Hollywood churns out, there are 2-3 horrible ones that come before and after it. Who is the worst of the worst? Well, each year the RAZZIE’s hope to determine that for you. The 31st Annual RAZZIE Awards have announced their nominations for this year’s worst.

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