MOVIE REVIEW: The Hangover Part III


Sitting through the “Hangover” sequels has been like helplessly watching from a remote satellite feed while someone vandalizes my car.

The 2009 mega-hit original was something of an anomaly, at least as far as box office-topping comedies go. Why? Because it was actually funny, particularly amidst the proliferation of  disposable “gross-out” fare at the time. But something that was once great has been dismantled and sold for scrap – inevitable, I suppose, in Hollywood.

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Drug and alcohol addiction is a serious issue.  What makes it all the more serious is that the individual who is facing it is usually in denial that they are in fact an addict.  To them it’s just something that they use and it just gets them through the day.  They lie.  They lie to themselves and to others about their addiction.  In Flight, Denzel Washington plays a man who is in denial about his substance abuse and thinks nothing about climbing into a cockpit and flying a plane filled with unknowing passengers for which their safety is his concern.

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MOVIE REVIEW – Trouble with the Curve

In what feels like a cross between Moneyball and Gran Torino, Clint Eastwood delivers us his first baseball film and the first film in many years that he has starred in, but not directed.  In it we get a grumpy older gentleman who is set in his ways who is a genius in his ways of scouting players for the game of baseball.  But what happens when you get old and all of those younger scouts come knocking at the doors with their statistics and computers.  Can the old ways of observations and trusting your instincts still survive?

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MOVIE REVIEW – The Big Uneasy

The Big Uneasy

We all seem to be glued to a television set when a crisis hits.  We watch Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, and other channels waiting for information.  For a very short time after an incident we really do care.  Honestly and definitively.  But once the news channels go away, the people faced with recovering from a horrific tragedy are left to deal with things on their own.  But what if we never received the true facts regarding the incident at all?  What if we were told one thing when factual evidence was held back from us?  That’s what this film is about.

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