Movie Review – Unbroken

45 days adrift

Louis Zamperini of Torrance, California; may not be a household name. After reading Laura Hillenbrand’s 2010 thrilling biography of Zamperini, Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption; I couldn’t help but wonder whether a movie could be made. The book, filled with tense, gut wrenching and disturbing accounts of Zamperini’s survival after his crash water landing in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Danger lurked around corner for the Italian hooligan as a kid, that turned into an Olympic track star. Angelina Jolie’s big screen adaptation tried hard to replicate the horrors of an internment camp, but stymied by its PG-13 rating, forcing the film to dial down the emotional punches. 

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96735_gal[1]If you’re an avid fan of the Rolling Stones and appreciate the typically languid pace of Sopranos mastermind David Chase, then parts of this fictionalized flashback to the writer/director’s formative years as part of a New Jersey garage band might interest you. Not Fade Away is likely to trigger a little nostalgia, though you’ll need to put up with a whole lot of nothing to enjoy the film’s redeeming aspects, which are so few and far between that its title could refer more to Chase’s overestimation of his audience’s attention span than to the Buddy Holly song. Continue reading “MOVIE REVIEW: Not Fade Away”

MOVIE REVIEW – Liberal Arts

We all grow older in life.  But ask yourself how old do you feel?  I for one at times feel my age but there are many times in which I feel a tremendous amount younger than I am.  Perhaps it’s because I have friends that are younger, or maybe it’s because I refuse to want to “grow up” as they say.  But no matter what we are forced to continue down the path of maturity and move on.  And in Liberal Arts, the film shows us that as much as we want to cling on to our youth, we must grow with our lives.

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MOVIE REVIEW: Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts
shows us that our youth (and youthfulness) is slipping fast through our grasping fingers, no matter how hard a grip we may exert. Time and its pressures are a constant wear on the psyche and the soul, and yet we brace against the inevitable by reverting to a former mind-state or reveling in arrested development. Throughout it all, the world continues to turn, with no heed paid to our battle against time. As much as we want to hold on to those fleeting moments of perfection and idealism, they’re not ours to hold permanently; they must be passed and given away.
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