Movie Review – Money Monster

George Clooney

Lee Gates (George Clooney) is an outlandish financial pundit for FNN. Much like his real life counterpart CNBC’s Jim Cramer, Gates give ‘can’t miss’ stock tips daily on his show Money Monster. However, the stock market is a gamble. Winners are celebrated regularly as geniuses, while losers plunge into bankruptcy. One of Gates’ pick, that was such a sure winner “you could bet your savings” was  Ibis Clear Capital. The advice was sound, the logic was clear but the tip failed miserably. Reported as a “computer glitch” by Ibis, their new rapid trading algorithm proved fallible and with it Ibis’ stocks nearly flatline; losing somewhere in the vicinity of $800 million. While it’s c’est la vie for Gates, one of the bigger losers of the day, a disgruntled investor named Kyle (Jack O’Connell) sneaks on set and holds the Crew of Money Monster hostage.

Searching for ‘answers’, Kyle calls shenanigans on the ‘glitch’ and forces Gates into a vest rigged with explosives. While Ibis Clear Capital tries to maneuver through this PR nightmare, unfolding live around the globe; the man at the center of it all is suspiciously AWOL. Ibis’ CEO Walt Camby (Dominic Cooper). The search is on to find the elusive Camby while at the FNN studios, Gates and his long time producer Patty Fenn (Julia Roberts) continue to negotiate with the desperate Kyle.  
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Movie Review – Mother’s Day (2016)


Director Garry Marshall is at it again, taking another ensemble cast and pairing it with another Hallmark Holiday. This time, Mother’s Day approaches and we follow four different, seemingly unconnected families as they prepare for the big day.

Sandy (Jennifer Anniston) is a recently divorced interior decorator, shares custody of her two boys with ex-husband Henry (Timothy Olyphant). All is as well as could be, under the circumstances; until Henry divulges his engagement to the younger, more attractive and generally better in every conceivable way Tina (Shay Mitchell). Upset over the finality of her failed marriage Sandy vents her frustrations to friend Jesse (Kate Hudson). Jesse lives next door to her sister Gabi, who is married to her wife Max (Cameron Esposito). The couple also has an adopted son. Jesse, is also married, but to a doctor of Indian ethnicity Russell (Aasif Mandvi). They also have a child together. Gabi and Jesse share two archaic (read: ignorant) parents who are so stubbornly closed-minded, the siblings hid their relationships from their parents, avoiding confrontation. Bradley (Jason Sudeikis) is recently widowed. This will be his first Mother’s Day without his wife and he is still grieving. Now struggling to raise two teenage girls alone, he reluctantly ponders joining the dating scene again.  Continue reading “Movie Review – Mother’s Day (2016)”

Movie Review – Secrets In Their Eyes (2015)

secrets in their eyes 1

Former FBI Investigator Ray Kasten (Chiwetel Ejiofor) spends many sleepless nights searching among the thousands of faces for one man. Wherever he is, Ray is determined to bring the suspect to justice. The crime: rape and murder. The Victim: Carolyn Cobb (Zoe Graham) high school senior, months away from college and daughter of Ray’s former partner, Jess Cobb (Julia Roberts). 13 years ago while working in a counterterrorism unit in the Los Angeles division of the FBI, with the images of the attacks on 9/11 seared in the consciousness of America; Ray and Jess along with Bumpy (Dean Norris) and the unlikable Siefert (Michael Kelly) get a report of a homicide. The crime scene is in close proximity to a mosque that has possible links to a terrorist sleeper cell waiting to strike Los Angeles. When Carolyn is discovered as the victim, everything changes. The team is understandably morose, but aren’t allowed to investigate Carolyn’s death due to their current assignment being of a top national security priority. That doesn’t stop Ray as he privately investigates the case, developing a person of interest and a name. Frustrated by the Bureau’s inability to pursue justice for Jess, Ray leaves Los Angeles and finds work in New York, still haunted by this mystery. Continue reading “Movie Review – Secrets In Their Eyes (2015)”

MOVIE REVIEW – Mirror Mirror

Movie trailers can be the death of a movie for me before the movie even begins.  From the minute I first saw the trailer for Mirror Mirror I was pretty sure I knew exactly how I was going to walk out of this movie.  I was going to be charmed by actress Lily Collins.  I would be amused by actor Nathan Lane.  And, I’d be slightly irritated that considering the talented cast that a better movie didn’t result.  And, as it turned out, I was pretty much exactly right with my anticipatory assessment.

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Mirror Mirror Trailer Debuts Online

Relativity Media unveiled the trailer for the highly anticipated film Mirror Mirror today. The film is a reimagining of the classic Snow White fairy tale and stars Julia Roberts, Lily Collins, Nathan Lane, and many more. To find out more information and to view the trailer, continue reading.

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MOVIE REVIEW – Larry Crowne

Larry Crowne

Most of us have been thru hard times in our life. Whether it’s losing your job or not being able to pay the rent or mortgage it really stinks. No one wants to feel helpless and needing to depend on others. It may be a matter of personal pride, or simply something you don’t want. When you do find yourself in that situation though you have to take a hard look at your life and re-assess things to come out of it. And that reassessment of things is definitely a hard thing to do, considering it might mean changing a lot about oneself.

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Untitled Snow White Film Begins Shooting

Though there has been some activity regarding cast additions for Relativity’s Untitled Snow White picture, not much information has been revealed regarding principal photography until now. Continue reading “Untitled Snow White Film Begins Shooting”

Relativity Annouces 2012 Film Slate

Next year will shape up to be a busy year for Relativity Media, who has announced three films as their releases for 2012.  Curious to find out which films I refer to, read on to find out….

Relativity’s Snow White Film Gets 2 New Cast Members

Nathan Lane

While there are currently two Snow White films in Production, Relativity Media has recently announced the addition of two actors in its production. 

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