Movie Review – Triple 9





Michael Belmont (Chiwetel Ejiofor) is Ex-Special Forces and indebted to Irina Vlaslov (Kate Winslet), the wife of a Jewish Russian Mob Boss who’s imprisoned back home. Irina promises to pay handsomely if, Michael and his team of corrupt Atlanta detectives can recover items from a bank’s vault. Irina’s sister, Elena (Gal Gadot) has a son with Michael but, Irina has the boy in custody, as an extra incentive for Michael to complete his tasks. With a window of 5 minutes to acquire the package, the team moves quickly; but the apparently their mission isn’t complete in Irina’s eyes. There’s still one major item to be acquired before Michael’s debts are settled. The package sits somewhere inside of a Homeland Security compound. If everything went well, the crew could be in and out in about 15 minutes. Several minutes longer than the average response time for cops to arrive, the only chance of success is to draw all cops to an event, big enough to draw every cop in the city. A triple 9 call.  Continue reading “Movie Review – Triple 9”

“Titanic” in 3D Event Sneak Preview Events

One of April’s most anticipated films is the return of James Cameron’s Titanic in 3D.   Paramount Pictures is offering fans and newcomers who haven’t seen this film an advance sneak preview to see the film again, or for the very first time!

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One of the norms of the twenty first century is over conscious very feeling parents of the upper middle class urban type. You those type of parents that you think are a little too PC for their own good. They treat every little thing with their kids like Def Con 4 and their whole world will end. The film Carnage really perfectly captures this type of world. The two couples portrayed in this film is the perfect storm of upper middle class urbanite parenting nightmare.

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Kids will be kids.  And with kids there’s always going to be one kid that picks on another kid.  Why do they do it?  Well, there’s probably a ton of studies out there that try to explain that very fact.  Why is it that anyone picks on someone else.  But when you’re a parent what is it that you do when your child picks on another child in terms of making an apology or saying something to the other childs’ parents?  Do you say something at all, and does it really mean anything at all?

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The Titanic 3D Trailer Arrives

I can remember watching Titanic on the big screen for the first time and being in awe of the visuals on screen and the wonderful story unfolding before my eyes. And now, next year you will have the opportunity to see it all again, but this time in 3D.

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MOVIE REVIEW – Contagion


How do you fight an enemy that you can’t even see with your own eyes?  It’s a scary thought for sure.  Probably the worst enemies that humans face on this planet are viruses.  Their sole purpose is to replicate and consume all of the resources available to them.  In short, they destroy our own cells.  In our history we’ve had plenty of events in which disease outbreaks have occurred with no immediate cure or vaccine.  But what if today, with society being as global as it is, a virus outbreak occurred and it threatened the entire Earth’s human population?

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