Movie Review – The Free State of Jones


There are two very interesting stories being told within The Free State of Jones. The bulk of the film tells the story of Newton Knight (Matthew McConaughey), a field medic for the Confederate Army during the height of the Civil War. As the war raged on, Knight deserted his company and defended his and his neighbours’ property from pillaging Confederate cavalry. The penalty for desertion (and most crimes under the CSA) is death; so Newt ran. With the help of friends, Newt joined a band of runaway slaves, hiding from trackers in the swamps. The group grew larger as more deserters and runaways sought refuge from the all consuming war. 5 became 10 and 10 became 100 and soon the ‘colony’ sought more permanent dwellings. Eventually, after overtaking the small town of Ellisville, ‘The Knight Company’ sought to secede Jones County from Mississippi and become The Free State Of Jones.

However, as I’ve stated; there are two storied being told in this film. In late 1948 Newt’s Great Grandson Davis also fought for his freedom. Given the common knowledge of Newt Knight’s second marriage to a former slave, Davis was dragged into court to prove his ethnicity. It’s a rare occurrence where a child’s paternity wasn’t a of the father’s, but of the mother’s identity. If proven to be technically black, Davis could face serious jail time for marrying his wife, Junie Lee Spradley, a local white woman. Continue reading “Movie Review – The Free State of Jones”

Movie Review – Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes

  Ten years after the great ape rebellion, the Earth has been claimed by the apes. Only pockets of humanity stay, while the apes have established colonies outside of San Francisco. The epicenter of the pandemic that nearly killed the human race (and presumably James Franco) is home to thousands of apes and only a few hundred humans. A map in the prologue explains all of this. Lead by Caesar, a benevolent ruler that is eager to spread his knowledge of the human world; the apes are thriving. A form of sign language is spoken an taught to the young and old alike. It’s been two winters since the last sighting of humans, until a group of explorers, looking for a hydro-electric dam wander through the forest. 

Guns no kill people, Caesar kill people.
Guns no kill people, Caesar kill people.

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