Movie Review – The Choice


Life is but an unending series of choices. Some are more important than others and some are absolute no-brainers. For Travis Shaw (Benjamin Walker) he’ll have to make the most important choice of his life. It will impact his life and those around him forever. There’s neither a right nor wrong answer to his dilemma, only the best case scenario; but more on that later. The story starts off with Gabby Holland (Teresa Palmer) and her acclimation to her new home in the sleepy coastal town of Beaufort, North Carolina. Gabby, a nurse is Travis’ new neighbor and they don’t exactly hit it off. But eventually opposites attract and the two develop a relationship. However, Teresa has a problem, her boyfriend, Dr. Ryan McCarthy (Tom Welling) who’s a doctor at Teresa’s job. Teresa has a choice to make. Should she ignore her growing feelings for Travis and stay with Ryan, or should she leave her perfectly fine relationship with Ryan for Travis? Back to Travis for a second; his decision is a major plot development and discussing it now would ruin the movie.

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MOVIE REVIEW – The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2

Millions of screaming teenage girls will be both thrilled and disappointed at the same time that the conclusion of their beloved Twilight Saga has finally come.  There’s no question that you’re going to hear many opinions about this film.  Some are going to love it no matter what.  Some are going to hate it no matter what.  But after the tedious “Part 1,” this movie is leaps and bounds better and offers fans the ending that they’ve been waiting for and expecting, along with a compelling, action packed ending.

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In Taken 2, Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) re-employs his ‘particular set of skills’ to save himself and his family from abduction in Istanbul. He should have used common sense instead. That way, he might have been left with enough stamina to overcome a terribly contrived script; here, it feels like Neeson is being held hostage as an actor, forced to spend a large portion of screen time on the telephone rattling off instructions to his daughter Kim (Maggie Grace) as she jumps across rooftops and steals time that might have been allotted for some hand-to-hand combat, or maybe better plot development. Nothing against Ms. Grace. But as the sequel playbook dictates, they must ‘up the stakes’. Just don’t change the formula, I guess. Continue reading “MOVIE REVIEW: Taken 2”


Sometimes when you go to the movies, you have to go with the expectation that you’re going to have to suspend your expectations in order to have a good time.  This doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to be seeing a bad film, but rather your original impression of a film from viewing its trailer is that it’s a hodgepodge of plots from past movies dealing with prisons, espionage, and escapes.  And oh yea, it’s set in space.  So it’s going to be the kind of film that you have to just enjoy rather than critique at first.

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15 Second Preview of the New Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 Trailer!

Twilight: Breaking Dawn - Part 1

If you’re a Twilight fan, you probably can’t wait to see the trailer that comes out next week.  Well, we’ve got a preview for you.

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