Movie Review – The 5th Wave

the others

In an instant, The Others appeared. Their origin, motives, even their appearance remains a mystery. The world watch the lone spaceship circumnavigate the planet, only to hover over a suburban Ohio town. A high school Junior and otherwise pretty average kid Cassie Sullivan (Chloë Moretz), survival meant gym class. As the story starts in medias res, Cassie now survives with a scavenged M4 rifle, a few bottles of water and protein bars from abandoned gas stations. The remnants of her humanity remain in her diary, as Cassie faces danger at every turn.  Continue reading “Movie Review – The 5th Wave”

MOVIE REVIEW – Abduction


How well do you know who you are and what your past is?  Most of us will probably say we know ourselves well.  But think of all of those people out there that find out something about themselves or their family that they didn’t know.  Ask them the same question and I bet you that they would have probably said they knew their past fairly well.  But what if in an instant you suddenly found out that the life you were living was all an illusion?  Something set up and designed to protect you and keep you safe from something you had no idea was even around you.

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See a Sneak Preview of Abduction With The Live Stream of The Hollywood Premiere!


Do you want to see the new Taylor Lautner film Abduction early and see a live stream of the Red Carpet Premiere in Hollywood on the big screen?  Well, we’ve got the information on how you can!

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